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01. Heart Project - Recurring Donation


Phase two of the heart project will refine techniques for healing the human spirit.

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Phase one of the heart project was designed to learn how we can maneuver around the overlapping zones of the brain, the soul, the heart and the spirit.

It began with feeling our way through the fog. It concluded with strong confidence in what tools to use for different situations.

That data is still being refined and processed, with a view to developing tools for the medical field.

Building on that foundation, we are striving for tools that an inner healing practitioner could use. Our initial project in phase two is to heal a specific facet of the spirit realm in individuals who are Creation people.

We will do a healing protocol, then stop and look at the traces, then go back with the same person and refine it some more during the same session.

While discernment is a wonderful thing, it is sometimes skewed by various factors. By being able to “see” what is going on inside via the traces, we can refine our technique quickly so as to resource the many people in the field doing good work.

Obviously, this is the kind of project that we have to pump thousands of dollars into, over the course of months, before we have a tool that we can share with others.

If you believe in the power of healing the spirit, we invite you to invest in the next generation of healing.

My passion is still, “There HAS to be a better way.” It still takes too long most of the time to heal spirit and soul.

We invite you to join our grand adventure with a monthly contribution which you can suspend any time you need to.

We will update all donors monthly on how the project is going forward.


Go, Arthur!

You have my continued support in this heartfelt project as well. It is a good day, May 17, 2019, which would have been my dad's 90th birthday. A celebratory rhubarb upside-down cake is in order!

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01. Heart Project - Recurring Donation

01. Heart Project - Recurring Donation

Phase two of the heart project will refine techniques for healing the human spirit.

Click "More Info" for details.

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