01. Heart Project

01. Heart Project - Recurring Donation


The heart project has shifted from data acquisition to data sorting.

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    01. Heart Project - Recurring Donation

    01. Heart Project - Recurring Donation

    The heart project has shifted from data acquisition to data sorting.

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    The heart project was initially designed to identify demonic activity in the physical heart so as to allow Christian cardiologists to differentiate more easily between biological issues and spiritual issues, and treat accordingly.

    In order to acquire data, many of you came to the office and did an hour-long EKG while I explored the spiritual dynamics of heart and brain.

    It took money to buy the equipment, to schedule the visits, to capture the data, to do the initial QC check, and archive accordingly. Many people contributed on a monthly basis for years, funding this project fully, so it was never a drain on the general fund revenue from sales of materials.

    Now the costs of the project are decreasing by about half.

    To our surprise, we learned vastly more about the brain than we did the heart during the season of actively doing EKGs.

    When we began, I also expected about a 20% failure rate for the tests – meaning there was not usable data collected. I was wrong there too. We had over 40% failure rate.

    But that means we have about 60% of the tests that produced good results.

    Now the hard part comes. We need to spend a few months manually scrolling through the EKGs, building filters, finding comparable patterns and setting up the next stage of data interpretation.

    This screening process will be slow because we are not making it our core priority, and because there are dozens of hours of data to sort and subjectively filter and categorize.

    We also have a change of objective.

    The average inner healing practitioner is not going to be able to wire up their clients, do the tests we did, interpret the data and announce with confidence, “You have _________ in your Parietal Lobe and it is being guarded by __________ in your left atrium, and this is what we need to do about it.”

    The goal of resourcing Christian cardiologists is still there, but a bit further out. We will be circling around the data and the technology to see if there is any way we can resource the inner healing and deliverance practitioners who are much more open to these tools than most cardiologists, anyway.

    Just be aware that if you invest into this project, there won’t be a lot of feedback over the next few months celebrating what great, momentous discoveries your dollars have funded.

    Data sorting comes before data analysis, and it is a long, boring, tedious, confusing, utterly essential part of the process.

    Sparkle notwithstanding, the expense of salaries – mostly mine -- will continue for the duration of the sorting process, so if you still wish to invest in this sector of SLG on a monthly basis, we would be grateful.

    As a caveat however, we are NOT guaranteeing that every dollar invested here will be spent on this project. If it is over-funded, the surplus will go into the general fund for whatever the other projects are, at any given time.

    I just want to do full disclosure, so you know what you are buying at this stage. We value authenticity.


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