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Do you feel like womanhood as you experience it is less than it is supposed to be?

The culture often defines women by their form or function.

We may not have the tools to unpack what God placed there, so we fill a role that has been assigned to us.

There is so much more.

The question is, what is at your core? What do you need so that you can build from your unique essence?

This album explores the stories of twelve women in Scripture and asks the questions that will help you discover and unpack the essence of God within you.

Each story is followed by a blessing that is designed to validate and celebrate God's original design, and the fact that it is not changed by your journey.

We need to start the conversations that will get us past the cultural expressions and demands on women.

Your unique essence is defined by God. Discover it!

Click here to order the CD album or download.

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