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Today's gender issues are the culmination of centuries of relentless assault by the enemy.

Jezebel strives to make women at least small, and ideally alienate, through the distortion and desecration of gender.

The antidote is a robust understanding and incarnation of the Office of Womanhood.

Tragically, that is not even much of a conversation these days.

Hence the SLG series called "Blessing Womanhood."

We must generate vast conversations about this topic that is central to all people. Men are as significantly affected by a woman’s relationship to her office as women are.

On April 5th, you are invited to a grand affair, dedicating the CD album “Blessing Womanhood Part 1.” One of the high points of the evening, will be an extensive deliverance prayer regarding the spirit of Jezebel that diminishes, devalues and at times eviscerates the Office of Womanhood.

Then on Saturday the 6th, we will spend the day recording another album of blessings in a live event.

There will be healing, deliverance, discovery and wind under your wings as a result of a full day of carefully tailored blessings, delivered live, in community.

Here is a link to one of the blessings from "Blessing Womanhood Part 1."

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