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This is the timeless question in parenting.

It also applies to prophetic intercession. Is this a calling from God accompanied by an impartation, or is it a discipline that can be embraced so as to grow into the needed authority?

From my vantage point, the answer is a bit complex. I KNOW that there are certain disciplines that MUST be mastered before a person is allowed to walk in prophetic intercession. And I know that those disciplines would improve anyone’s spiritual life.

For sure, prophetic intercession is NOT something that is imparted or learned at a seminar.

Whether it is a calling given to only a few, or whether it is a calling many have and few grow into, I can’t answer.

This album will help you define the narrow parameters of what truly is prophetic intercession. But more important, it will help you see the unusual discipline that will transform you forever from a consumer of spiritual goods, to an agent for transformation in the Kingdom, at an extraordinary level.

Scotland is the context for the illustrations because as a nation, they have the highest deposit I have seen of the grace for prophetic intercession. As a nation, they are newly pregnant with the purposes of God, and I believe prophetic intercession with help shape this new move.

This will be an extraordinary lab for the world to watch a new facet of the polyvariegated wisdom of God at work.

Click here to order the CD album or download.

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