Our returns policy is generous but rigid.

  • If you buy it but simply do not like it, we do not accept returns and do not offer refunds. We are quite overt in saying that this is a think tank and many of our products are quite experimental, so you are taking a chance when you choose to purchase from us, instead of from a mainstream, tried and true organization. It is a bit like going to Home Depot - there are signs reminding you that you are responsible for your own safety!
  • If a product is damaged when it arrives or becomes damaged later, there is no need to return it. Simply call us at 864-913-1311 or e-mail, and we will ship you a replacement product at no charge if you bought it from us. No receipt needed. We take your word for it.
  • If we shipped you the wrong product, there is no need to return it. We assume God wants you to give it away to someone in your area. Call us at 864-913-1311 or e-mail to let us know where we made a mistake, and we will ship you the correct product with no drama, swiftly.