Divider Heart Project

The heart is a highly spiritual entity – it must be if the First Commandment is to love the Lord our God with all our HEART.

Personal ministry confirms that there are layers and layers of spiritual and emotional dynamics involved in the physical heart.

Some measure of the decision-making for the heart comes from the brain via the S/A node and the A/V Node. How the heart “thinks” also informs the brain at some level.

We devised a plan to do EKGs in the office, for about an hour, while Arthur explored the spiritual dynamics of the heart and brain with the individual. The objective was to develop new tools for differentiating between physical and spiritual issues in the heart.

After each test is over, we can examine the EKG and explore what we think are spiritual dynamics to the traces.

From the initial evaluation of the tests, it is clear that we have a lot of data about the spiritual dynamics of the heart, the brain and their interaction with the human spirit, the Holy Spirit and unwelcome spirits.

We have collected enough viable traces at this time to move to the second level of the experiment. That means we have discontinued live testing and are starting the process of sorting the data into categories of problems, so we can look at the EKGs from several people and find commonalities of spiritual activity – both good and bad.

This sorting process will take an indefinite period of time – months – before we can move into the detailed data analysis.

The expenses related to this process are limited to the salaries of the staff involved. Some people choose to invest in this process, even though it will be a long time before there are portable tools that can be used by the mainstream practitioners. It is clearly not for everyone.

Heart Project