Who Are We?

So you are on a journey.  I like you already.

Some of you are on a journey out of a swamp and others on a journey to a mountain top.

You have both come to the right place.

We are outfitters.  You need gear for the journey.  Since each journey is unique, we design highly customizable tools because one-size-fits-all, simply DOESN’T.

As a research center, we align with no religious stream.  Our roots are deeply in the Word of God and our hearts are loyal to Jesus the Christ, our King.  We mine the Bible for principles which will allow the SLG Tribe to make measurable, verifiable, sustained change, in themselves and others.

Our array of tools is uneven.  We don’t have a better hammer or shovel.  Those you can get from many other sources.  We craft specialty tools that you can’t find anywhere else.  Our Tribe tends to be cosmopolitan, quite accustomed to finding resources all over the world.  But when they need one more unusual tool, they come here.

The SLG Tribe consists of those whom God sent to us and who choose to walk alongside us for a season.  We have in common two things: our commitment to The Journey, and our commitment to the Kingdom and its King.  We are authentic, goofy, reverent, passionate, impatient, heroic, creative, whimsical and insatiably curious.

There is a smattering of stable, linear people among us, but we tend heavily toward free spirits with high energy and a fairly messy walk.  We are not a safe Tribe to be in.  Our adventures get a bit wild at times.  We experiment, fail forward, and try something even more audacious.  But we love finding freedom and giving freedom and we know how to celebrate the King with abandon.

One last word of introduction.  You will never receive a “DoNotReply” email from us.  We engage honestly, transparently, and generously.  Not always quickly, but we do reply.

So if you are wondering whether we have a left handed doo hickey with a gear and a dial on it, drop us a line at Friends@TheSLG.com. When we take a break from the research lab, we will give you some customized service.

Arthur Burk
September 2020

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