Stealth Operations

03. Stealth Trips


Occasionally God directs me to do an undercover operation far off-site.

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    03. Stealth Trips

    03. Stealth Trips

    <p>Occasionally God directs me to do an undercover operation far off-site. <br /><br />You may adjust the amount on the "More Info" page or in the shopping cart.<br /><br /></p>

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    Over the last five years, I have used the funds you have donated to this account only occasionally, since I needed to stay close to Ann.  But those trips have been valuable.  Thank you for providing the support.

    Now there is an intriguing paradox emerging where ministry to people will, for the near term at least, be limited to a day’s drive from Spartanburg.  On the flip side, however, I am being shown land work that needs to be done, under the radar, far from home.

    There is a toxic piece of land that significantly impacts the economy, politics and wars of a cluster of nations.  I have been aware of it for decades, ached over the implications of it, but have not felt the release to go.

    I have watched other teams go there, engage the demonic and experience serious mental illness as a result of the encounter.  It is not a place you choose to go engage the devil – you must be assigned.

    Apparently, I have grown into that.  I have been assigned to go this year, within a particularly significant window of time, when the demonic power will be maximized.

    I have assembled a team from three continents.  They are each deeply seasoned in land work with a wonderful blend of specialty skills, especially dealing with demonic structures that are millennia old.

    Each has a profound reverence for God and routinely walks in awe.

    And each is deeply emotionally grounded in the Fatherhood of God, not just in healthy soul dynamics.

    We will fly in from various directions to a major international airport, and gather for a day to develop a bit of team dynamics and for them to be briefed on the spiritual issues.  Each has felt the Lord vigorously assign them to the task, without knowing what or where.

    Then we will make our way to the remote site and spend a day doing recon.

    As the leader I am taking into account a wide variety of dynamics such as weather, jet lag, diverse gifts of discernment, etc.

    In addition, I will have a backup team of intercessors, again from around the world, covering the ground operations.

    After a series of activities, rooted in an intense form of worship specific to that site, we will stand down, return to the international hub, and scatter to our homes.

    I will not be publicly sharing the location or the demonic dynamic before or after the outing.

    Each member of the team is making a significant investment out of their own resources.  I am INVITING, not asking, the Tribe to invest in this Kingdom encounter, if you feel it fits with your journey.

    We will run this project until the end of February, hoping to receive enough for this immediate trip, plus some overflow to pad the account for future less dramatic trips. We will take the big trip, regardless of the balance of the fund.

    I fully understand that this level of lack of transparency is quite contrary to our usual way of doing business.  However, as you look at Jesus taking just three of the Twelve to the Mount of Transfiguration, and then telling those three they could not share with the nine, there is some precedent to being opaque, occasionally.

    I want to fulfill the Kingdom mandate to be as harmless as doves but as wise as serpents.  In this case, I think public exposure would be counterproductive.

    Balance raised to date:  $12,856.00


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