Intercession Strategies for Passionate Manhood Part 3

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The first two albums in this series were ironically produced primarily for women who had a burden for a husband or son who was living as a passion-less man.  The objective was to give them tools to remove the obstacles hampering the spirit of their man, and language to unleash his treasures.

Those were recorded in studio because of COVID.

This intercessory package is supporting our first live seminar on this theme.  Removing blockages and blessing assets does not translate into having skill in the art of building.

Everyone, of any age or role in the culture or the Kingdom, needs to know how to build.  From a mother crafting a special celebration for a milestone in the life of a child, to a manager in the marketplace who needs to build a functional community out of the fractious employees he inherited when he hired on, building is necessary.

Beyond the fundamental skills needed for existence in this culture, we need to be able to design a strategy for spiritual growth, a strategy to execute our Kingdom assignment and a strategy to leave a legacy.

This seminar is the first in a series about how to learn the fundamental principles of building, so that you can apply them in a vast cross section of areas.

The seminar is scheduled for a venue we have used before.  That space is occasionally used for business lectures, but more commonly used for celebration.

We mounted an intense intercessory strategy last time we met there, and were rewarded with dramatic, measurable, verifiable, sustained change in the spiritual climate.

This time we are stepping back from the carpet bombing strategy we used last time, which you can access here and are going to focus on just seven niche topics, using only people who have demonstrated earned authority in each.

The objective is to provide spiritual building materials for God, and learn from how He assembles them.  He has vastly more experience at building then we do!

In each section below, you will find the initial post copied from MeWe that we used to recruit from the Tribe, as well as follow up instructions for each strike force.

Read, disassemble, take the nuggets that work for your playing field, and reassemble them in a new, more refined strategy.

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