Dominion Strike Force

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By the age of three, I knew how to recognize a tarantula nest and how to stay safe around them.  By age seven I was fishing for sting rays and wandering through the jungle, unsupervised, with a machete for my protection.


I didn't learn how to recognize predatory bank policies until I was 35.

Lack of dominion.

All of us have an uneven track record in terms of dominion, as each journey is unique.

There is dominion that we worked hard to master as a choice and dominion that God forced us into learning, because He knew we would need it in the future for the Kingdom.

For me, one of the many areas I was pulled into is dominion over my glitchy brain.

I have learned a lot about why my brain does not work the way I would like it to, and some of how to fix that.  I would have preferred to have been born with a more functional brain, but God made me fight for dominion over my brain glitches, in order to help other people with theirs.

For the dominion strike force in the Passionate Manhood Part 3 seminar, since we are preparing the way to build in the Kingdom, the things the King needs built, I am looking for people who have been backed in a corner by the King, and have developed unwanted dominion, which the King then used for His purposes.

You may not know how God is going to use a particular facet of dominion.  One lady was tricked by God into working at a job where she ended up learning how to drive a forklift.

That was not at the top of her five year old's list of what she wanted to be when she grew up, but she now has that competency firmly established for when the King shows her why He needed her to know THAT.

Copyright by Arthur Burk
March 2023

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Prayer Strategies

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Strategy #1

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Reality: Our dominion is quite uneven.  I have pretty good dominion over Leviathan.  Not so much over cats, crows or computers.

So we play the game with what we have, not what we wish we had.  I wish I had the ability to heal everything from the chin up in five minutes or less.  I’m not there yet, but I can craft ideas to help others focus their earned authority in prayer to move the ball somewhat.

The starting point to this strike force is sanctifying our assets.

That means dividing your life up into decades, exploring what kinds of dominion God developed in you during each decade, AND HOW.

As we shift our gaze away from the dominion we wish we had, and focus on what God wanted us to have badly enough that He built it into us, with or without our full understanding of His game plan, we can enrich our authority with our worship.

We can’t reach each person at the event.  But we can go deep with some.  So we will go narrow and focus on using the dominion God has developed in us, to push back against the appropriate structures, in the selected people, who God has prepared us for.

So, savor for a couple of weeks, sanctifying your treasures. 

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Strategy #2

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Each of you on this strike force came from a tough background where the primary skill you developed was survival.

And in that context, those around you used various techniques to impress upon you that you did not have very many assets you could use to do more than survive.

Today, you are builders, not survivors, and you have a significant awareness of the resources you have, even though you still wish you had more, sometimes.

One of the common tools God uses to show people the resources they have within, and those they have in Him, is to back them in a corner with a job they don’t think they can do, but that they desperately want to do – usually out of compassion for the other party – and in that place, they have discovered new things.

Why don’t you pick out two or three stories like that from your life and use them as grist for the mill, praying for those coming to be involuntarily put on a fast track toward the truths of the resources they already have.

Karl Marx’ tombstone in England read, “Philosophers have only interpreted the world differently.  The point however, is to change it.”  And the joke is on him.  He and his minions wrote massive tomes of “insight” but lacked the power to eradicate capitalism and replace it with a worker’s utopia.

The builders-to-be who are coming to our event, need to be confident that they have within them the resources to build, rather than being dependent on the supposed wisdom of others.

Press in there for now.

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Strategy #3

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I have a long list of assets I would like to have, in order to achieve dominion in certain sectors.

God has a list of dominions He is planning to develop in me, and for that, He is sending me assets.

For years I have loudly stated that I don’t have any insight or strategy for sexual issues.  Apparently those days are over, as God is sending me a steady dribble of assets to understand and heal the trans issue.

Who would have thunk it?

That never made my list of the top 500 things I wanted to engage with, but apparently it is where I am going.

Everyone who has signed up for the Passionate Manhood seminar is coming because they want to receive something.  And that is good.  They are all builders.

But there are some who need to refine God’s call on what and where they build, so that they will recognize the assets God offers them at the event.

Ask the Lord to awaken each person coming to the event, to see the specific dominion God wants to develop in them in the near term.

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Strategy #4

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This prayer focus will be for a month.  In two weeks, I will be involved with the Blessing Your Heart seminar and will not have the emotional bandwidth to update you in my desired cadence of every two weeks.

I own two fids.  One is boring, simple, plastic and is for actual use.  The other is highly intricate, carved of wood in Sweden, and is ornamental and symbolic.

The purpose of a fid is to force open the strands of a rope that is in perfect condition, in order to fit into that space, strands from another rope, to splice them together.

Intercession Strategies

God owns a warehouse of amazingly diverse fids.  He knows that much of the time, in order to effectively add a new truth to someone’s tightly woven, highly functional package of ideas, He has to bring some modest level of violence to bear on their neat package, in order to disrupt things and make room for a new truth.

God did that through my bereavement.  In that process, He made a hole between two other ideas, and a new one showed up and quite conveniently fit into the hole that God’s fid had made.

It is time for that again.

In three weeks, I will be in the office beginning on July 3rd, with the Blessing Your Heart event behind me.  My focus will turn to the Passionate Manhood seminar prep.  I have enough information for a dozen seminars on the topic, so will be focused on narrowing it down.

BUT, in spite of having TOO MUCH information, it is entirely possible that I might be missing something vital.

Please pray that in the next three weeks, God would use the right fid at the right place to open up a hole in my theology and package of principles, so that I don’t miss the strategic piece of new information.

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Strategy #5

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Well, Passionate Manhood 3 is just a month away, and Blessing Your Heart Part 1 is just recently over.

One of the consistent comments I have heard from the heart seminar, both by those present and those listening to the recording, is that I have a new sound.  While there was dominion released into the group through the ideas and the warfare, my sound also impacted the dominion a lot.

There have been a variety of different descriptions of it along with uniform agreement that it is an upgrade.

The irony of my teaching on the heart and intimacy and such themes so soon after the death of my wife is not lost on me, but it seems to be something far beyond that.  No one knows whether it is a release of an accumulated treasure from my journey, or whether it is a new grace.  We just know that my tone, or my sound was as significant as the wording, and that it was new and from God.

With the heart seminar, I had a deep compassion for all the people who have run hard after God the wrong way, not understanding that you can’t obey the first commandment directly.  There was excitement about giving hope and dignity to many who were so close, but so far.

With the manhood seminar, there is a deep strain of anger.  Think of Jesus on the road to Emmaus and His initial scorching comment.  Then He said to them, O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken! Luke 24:25 NKJV

When He got done with them, they admitted their hearts were “burning” from the severity of His scolding.

Notice the word “believe.”  These were religious, observant Jews who already KNEW the prophets that Jesus would reference, but they had allowed religion to interpret Scripture for them, and He tore into them for that crime.

Passionate Manhood Part 3 will be my white-hot rage over my old nemesis, the Poverty Spirit, and the anger is over the fact that it has so assiduously been cultivated by religion, in the name of God, through twisted, selective use of Scripture.  And too many people in the Tribe have bought into the twisted theology, as an act of “submission” to their “authorities” even though what has been taught is patently not working.

I watch person after person come to me with profound frustration over their profound sincerity which has resulted in profound futility – and futility is the antithesis of dominion.

It is time for this absolute nonsense to stop and for truth to rise above the religious poison.

So, not quite the same tone as the heart project.

It is an older, deeper fire, as this critter and its worldview caused me so much damage in prior decades, and I still answer essentially the same old email, week after week after week, because the lies are so embedded in today’s religious climate.

What should my tone be?  Who knows?

It needs to be strong enough to break some demonic structures and strong enough to pierce some complex firewalls of denial in people.  But it also needs to bring hope and life and vision to those who have been trapped in the futility of their past strategies, positioning them to build properly.

I suggest that for the next round, you read a story about Jesus each day, selecting one from each gospel in rotation, pondering how much His tone changed from situation to situation.  Then ask the Holy Spirit to draw all the best from my journey then to breathe on it to make my sound supernaturally alive, and transformational, not toxic or destructive in the wrong way.

Dominion that sets people free and equips them, will depend more on the spirit in which the words are spoken, than the words alone.

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Strategy #6

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You have a single focus from now to the end of the seminar.  Please hammer on the poverty spirit in two constructs.

The first is internally.  The single most effective tool the enemy uses to diminish the impact of my teaching is for people to think, “That is amazing.  Arthur is so smart.  But I could never do that with my little brain.”

I absolutely am challenging people to learn a new skill, and it will take work, but it is learnable.  Look at your own life and make a list of the things God has caused you to have to learn, and you were able to learn them.  Then pound on the lies of the enemy about their mental and spiritual capacities.

Second, the devil will be quick to try to convince people that the concepts I share are true, but they don’t apply to Fred and Sally, because THEIR journey was _____________ and THEIR situation in life is _________, and therefore there is no point trying to find the resources because there are none.

Again, look at your life and note where God found resources you didn’t expect, and use that to pound on the enemy’s head.

Key engagement time will be from 10:00 to noon.  That is when the battle in their heads will be won or lost.

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Copyright by Arthur Burk

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