Intercession Strategies

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Intercessory strategies in Scripture vary immensely.  The “publican” in Luke 18 was pretty basic.  “God be merciful to me a sinner.”

Daniel’s history changing prayer in chapter 9 was vastly more sophisticated and nuanced.

Between those two extremes are a vast number of other prayers, from sundry people with various perspectives and strategies.  Jonah crafted a pretty impressive prayer from the belly of the fish.  Elijah’s words are not recorded, but we know it only took a very simple prayer to bring down fire from heaven, but it was a hard job to produce water from the sky.

We are enriched by having those models to draw from, even though we are not fighting the priests of Baal on Mt. Carmel.

Sapphire Leadership Group is not an “intercessory ministry” in the sense of offering prayer as a service to those who need it.  But because we have so many intercessors in our Tribe, we use this resource to support the research we do, as well as the occasional events.

This section has a variety of strategies presented, not for plug-and-play use in your situation, but for you to disassemble the strategies, gather the principles, and craft a new strategy for your event.

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