Intercession Strategies for Blessing Your Heart Part 1

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This seminar was designed to be primarily spiritual warfare and inner healing, supported by only a modicum of teaching.

The prayer strategies in this section were designed to prepare the spiritual atmosphere for there to be parity between the breaker anointing which would target the ungodly structures in the heart, and the healing anointing which would restore original design.

That is a complex spiritual atmosphere to create.  Furthermore, we were meeting in a college venue, where data transfer from head-to-head was the norm.  We needed to transcend that structure which is not wrong, but was not conducive to our objectives.

Because of the complexity of the process and objective, we opted not to try to war for anything specific.  Rather, we took seven different topics, as Scrabble letters, and sought to burnish them and proffer them to God, for Him to design the Scrabble word He wanted to play, on the board of the time/land/community that would be there on that Saturday.

Furthermore, this was the firstfruits presentation of the theme of blessing your heart, which will be developed for a number of years by SLG.

We felt it vital to keep our hands off this offering, inviting God to use our gift, however He sees fit.

In each section, you will see the initial recruiting post copied from MeWe which describes the kind of earned authority we desire in this strike force.  Then there are the intermittent suggestions from me in the weeks leading up to the event, as to how to express their authority.

It was vital to me that we pray from a position of earned authority and passion, not from the poverty spirit basis of feeling needy and wanting God to bail us out.

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