Venue Space H – Focus on Alignment

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Ezekiel 1 is the most detailed example of spiritual warfare to control the atmosphere.  Other places talk about cleansing people, buildings, land and time.  But this chapter is our Master Class in cleansing atmosphere.

There are a multitude of dynamics on display, but one of the most significant facets of the spiritual authority on display there was the alignment of all the different dynamics.

Think of the endgame.  God needed to say some things.  Those things needed to completely transform a man who was not expecting them.  That man, in turn, was to dramatically change human history.

And even though the words of God carry enough weight to create the cosmos, His words needed a cleaned atmosphere, to accomplish the change in one human being.

And the cherubim, who carried so much in themselves, added the tool of extraordinary synchronization to purge the atmosphere of all the toxicity of Babylonian demonic structures.

We are a little less well resourced than the cherubim, but we can still bring our alignment to the table as spiritual authority, while we battle for the alignment of the spiritual climate in the room, so that my words will be enhanced by the atmosphere, not suppressed.

Intercession Strategies for Cleansing Our Fractals Of Time

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Prayer Strategies

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Strategy #1

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Think of the following cases of alignment.

Two spoons nest easily in each other.

The blade of a knife can be placed between the tines of a fork for a lame kind of alignment.

Two eggs are utterly nonhostile, have no weapons or sharp edges, but eggs don’t align with each other or much of anything else.  They are a shape unto themselves, except for a weird man-made box for shipping them.

Or consider a bolt that fits exactly into a threaded hole in the engine of your car.

Or a nail that can violently force itself into a board to create a sort of alignment.

What do those alignments have in common?  Two stationary items.

Now, take the complexity of a long pass in football.  A physical object, a human receiver in motion, other humans with an objection to the play, and somehow the alignment takes place and a pass is caught.  Suddenly it is more complex and more engaging.

Now factor in your spiritual journey.

There is your original design.  And it is acted on by a large number of people.  And critters, covenants and curses.  And time and land.

Oh, and you get to make some choices too!

But so does God.  God pursues us, visibly, discretely, directly, through intermediaries at different times.

And THIS is the focus on our intercession for Space H in the venue.  How can we bring prayer to bear on sundry variables so as to enhance the alignment of each person in that space, with God and with His objectives?

On the front end of this season of intercession, please spend some time exploring misalignment and cleanse the defilement off the air, the land, the building and the furniture.  We cannot possibly complete the task in a short period of time, but we will spend the bulk of our energy on building the righteous alignment of time, space, and many other things, so as to facilitate God doing a big work in the lives of the people whom angels seat in Space H.

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Strategy #2

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The scrub down of the misalignment in Space H will never be fully done, but we will move on to building the spiritual climate.  Any time, however, that you feel the nudge to take another swipe at the junk from the past, please do so.

As we start building a spiritual force for righteous alignment, let’s move outside Space H to all of the people who will be sitting there – 18 of them.  Their ability to benefit from the ministry AT the event, will be enormously impacted by where they are in their journey when they arrive.

We have no idea what needs to be done in their lives between now and then, but God has every single file completely available, and has an abundance of resources to speed up the process of their growth.

So start with your own life.

Look at some epic change that took place and ponder what pieces God had to put in place before that change took place.

Then pray that.

For some, it was a person who had to be moved into place.  The reason I know Dr. Paul Cox is because he was on the phone with a friend of mine at the exact moment I walked into their home.

For others, it is overwhelming pain.  At times, we have to hurt badly enough to accept that the key to our problem is here, not there.

For others it is a tender gift from God when we don’t deserve it that opens the door for the transformation.

Mine your own life for what God did BEFORE the big shift in your life, and then pray that into the people coming to Space H.

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Strategy #3

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The central objective for transformation is our spirit.

The primary tool the enemy uses to block God’s work in our spirit, is our soul.

The soul can be offended or hurt in myriad ways.  And the enemy knows every single bruise and bias we have, and is able to bump those with consummate skill.

Unless, of course, we block him.

There is a mountain of theology in Psalm 23:3. He restores my SOUL . . .

Ask God to move powerfully on people’s souls, during the whole week coming into the event, so that their soul will be well positioned to support the transformation of the spirit.

This alignment can make a world of difference in what people can receive during the event.

From the family dynamics, to the drive in, to the people they meet, to the one sitting next to them at the event, soul peace is desired.

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Copyright by Arthur Burk

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