Venue Space A – Focus on Abundance

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People with a poverty spirit cripple the entire spiritual climate at an event.  Hence the first section, near the front of the venue will be saturated with a spirit of abundance, by the intercessors on that team.

Here are some of the strategies we use for that purpose.

Intercession Strategies for Cleansing Our Fractals Of Time

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Prayer Strategies

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Strategy #1

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After God created Adam, He gave him a personal introduction to all the birds, animals and bugs in the Garden.  Either God compressed time, or it took many years to do that.

Why didn’t He let Adam just discover the wonders of creation, incrementally?

I believe that a sense of abundance is one of the most fundamental spiritual prerequisites for a successful journey.

God was not too concerned with Adam knowing the fine points of eagles vs. ospreys.  Rather, in doing this stunning display of His creativity and diversity, He was inculcating into Adam a deep sense of abundance, as the foundation for all the rest of His God-ordained assignment.

At the end of his being immersed in a monumental sense of abundance, God created Eve and brought her to Adam with the intent that he build that into her.

Tragically, that sin of omission left her vulnerable to the devil playing her with an utterly fabricated sense of poverty, of inadequacy, of need.  And at that point, when she was artificially needy, the devil had a “solution” for her neediness.

There are two facets to this issue.  One is absolute abundance.  The other is the perception of abundance.  And the later is more potent than the former.  The perceived lack of abundance in some sector of the natural realm routinely blocks out the reality of abundance in the spiritual realm.  And lack of abundance in a season, causes us to project that season onto the next one and to miss the abundance that flows to us in a new season.

As our first step in cleansing Space A, deal with the trauma bonds to time from the past.  This day in the year has rolled around a lot of times in human history.  People have made all kinds of choices based on where they are between a poverty spirit and a sense of abundance.

The teaching “Trauma Bonds to Time” lays out the nuts and bolts of how our sitting in judgment on God, directly or indirectly, causes an enduring defilement on time, in case this is a new idea to you.

Scrub down all of the defilement on time, asking God to forgive each person in human history who has been associated with that land, for their inappropriate decisions, so that this day in time would be cleansed from that flavor of evil.

Then ask God to revisit that day from His point of view.  Ask Him to think through the things He had set people up to do, based on a legitimate sense of abundance, and to imprint the REAL POSSIBILITIES on this time, because He is in agreement with that reality.

Then ask Him to look at Saturday, February 4th, and imprint that day with the full majesty of what He knows COULD BE DONE based on the extravagant provisions He has already allocated for the day.

When you have finished cleansing time for Space A, then start all over again with each of the people who are assigned by God to sit there.  You don’t know them, but He does.

Cleanse their timelines, on this day, from the generations back to the present so THEY do not bring a liability to the table.

Then ask God to open up the scrolls of their lives and to vigorously imprint that day, with all of the abundance He desires time to have for each of them.

Finally, since I am convening this event under the banner of SLG, ask God to examine the record of the entire Tribe, to find all of the treasures on time that have been accrued by our wise choices, and to add those treasures, in all their variegated splendor, to the time of February 4th.

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Strategy #2

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After cleansing time, the next step is to cleanse land.

We have no idea what all has happened on that land in the last five thousand years.  The three most common causes of defilement of land are idolatry, adultery and bloodshed.  Using the strategies from “Tools for Cleansing Time & Land” you can address those three big issues.

Then drill down on the poverty spirit.  Don’t try to cover all the expressions of it that mankind is capable of.  Look at your own life, your family and your friends.

What expressions of the poverty spirit are in your face, emotionally impacting you?

Cleanse the land of any historic verbal or physical expression of those specific facets of the poverty spirit over the millennia.

Since the core spiritual characteristic of this community is a governmental anointing, think through what facets of the poverty spirit in government bother you the most and address those.

Then move to the flip side.

See if you can put language to what the virtue would look like.  If that father, child, teacher, government official were operating out of a spirit of abundance, what would that look like?

You may not be able to find the words that match the picture, but the discipline of looking at different professions, different crises, different human communities and pondering poverty spirit vs. abundance will enlarge your spirit and your soul and better position you for the exciting chapters that come next.

Let’s do this second round of taking out the trash, thoroughly, then we will build aggressively.

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Strategy #3

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We cleansed time and land, and now we go on to community.  There are so many subsets possible here.

I would like you to bless the land and the furniture in Space A with a sense of abundance, based on how God has met your needs through people.

On the surface, people are the source of most of our sense of poverty – we needed and they did not deliver.  And our wounds with people, tend to inappropriately be projected onto God.

So we want to break through that linkage by looking at your own life, seeing where God has generously provided for you through people.  Savor those old stories anew, then bless the land and the building and the furniture with a sense of abundance from God AND from people.


Take your time on this assignment.

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Copyright by Arthur Burk

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