Group 9 – Breaks

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Willa Cather famously said, “So little makes; so little mars.”

One of the little things at any event is break time.  It is a time to stretch your legs, rehydrate, dehydrate, talk to a friend, or mop up if you have been crying hard for a while.

Mundane things.

Unless God is in the mix and chooses to leverage that time for eternal purposes.  Christ modeled for us leveraging the “small time” between big events for strategic, Biblically recorded times of instruction for the Eleven critical world changers He ran with.

So we are investing manpower and strategy to use ALL the non-teaching time for the Kingdom.

Intercession Strategies for Cleansing Our Fractals Of Time

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Prayer Strategies

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Strategy #1

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At the seminar, I will teach, then we will have a break, and I will teach again.

Four things will happen during the breaks.

- People will want to talk to me.

- People will want to talk to each other.

- People will want to go to the bathroom.

- People will want to stay in a quiet sacred place and keep processing what God has started.

And that will be messy.

Oh, and getting people back in on time, at the end of a break, could also prove messy.

On the human level, I will make announcements and will have ushers to help enforce the protocol in the room.

But I feel the break times are so important that I have formed this strike force to bring Kingdom Dominion and Intimacy to bear on the break times.

I see them as times of huge potential.  Two strangers or friends can have a life changing conversation during the break, as one adds a thought that builds on what I said.

        Or not, if the devil messes with the potential divine appointment.

Relationships can be formed that last a lifetime.

        Or not, if the devil . . .

The Holy Spirit can tie up one more detail for someone.

        Or not, if the devil . . .

I could receive a key insight while I am ministering to someone up front at the break that could touch the lives of everyone who hears the next session.

Or I could receive a key insight while I am away from the crowd, sitting quietly with the Lord.

        How to know?

For your first assignment, please go to the Sapphire Blessings App and listen to the audio for September 30th, Land Cleansing 3 – Subordination of Covenants.

Try to do that this week.  A week from now, I will coach you on how to leverage this concept in the context of breaks at a seminar.

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Strategy #2

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Well, it has been over a week and then some so I am very late in sending this set of instructions.  It has been challenging here and I am not keeping up my end of the deal, as I wanted to.

With the issue of subordination of covenants which you have hopefully listened to on the app, we have a legal right to control the spiritual climate over what we own and what we rent.

We are paying full rent for the facility – no discounts or special deals – and our jurisdiction is not only the room, but all of the public areas inside and out, all levels, and the two parking lots, upper and lower.

So consider yourselves fully deputized to secure the space from Friday night when Megan will be setting up the audio equipment until we leave on Saturday evening.

Cover the following potential covenants that need to be subordinated to Christ’s Kingdom.

  • - Native American covenants
  • - English colonial covenants
  • - American government under the Articles of Confederation
  • - American government under the current constitution.
  • - The Confederacy
  • - The Reconstruction
  • - State, county and city covenants
  • - Religious covenants
  • - Occult covenants
  • - Marriage covenants
  • - Fraternal organizations
  • - Business covenants
  • - Academic covenants
  • - Racial organization covenants – KKK etc.
  • - Sports covenants

Then add a special time to focus on the First National Bank which recently sold to Bank of the Ozarks.  They have a very “interesting” history and had their finger in just about every pie back in the day.  I don’t know what all they were up to that was unsavory, but any hidden contracts and covenants need to come under the covenant with our King, and be subordinated to the terms of His covenant with us.

The point of this is, WHEREVER people go during the break, they are to be as fully under the Covenant with the King as they are when they are in the teaching.  Let the power and life of God flow all day long.  No exceptions.

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Strategy #3

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For the next few weeks, we are going to pivot away from the audience and focus on me.

Megan says there is some space at the event, where I can go to be alone between sessions.  I have no idea whether that is a chair in the kitchen, or something slightly more user friendly.  Doesn’t matter much but if you would put a boundary around that so it doesn’t get invaded by man or critter, I would appreciate it.

I usually spend the breaks ministering up front.  This time I am only going to minister after lunch and at the end.  We are making arrangements to do a quick off-site lunch, so I am back and can spend a good chunk of time in interaction with people.

There are three facets of the break times from my perspective.

-Savoring.  No matter what the pressures, I will take time first to worship and I worship without words, just replaying the videos of what God has just done, especially when He hijacks my mouth and teaches me stuff on the fly.  I so love those moments.

-Refilling.  As Christ said, “Virtue hath gone out of me.”  And I anticipate giving deeply from spirit and soul, in addition to the normal expense to my body.  I will try to stand down from the intensity for a few minutes for the Spirit to recalibrate and refill.

-Strategy sessions with the Spirit about the next round.  No matter how much I work on my notes, I hold them very loosely, and crave new input from the Spirit at all times.

So, as you feel led, pray into one or another of those.

The sticky wicket is at the end.  For some reason, there is a certain personality that finds gratification, or power or something I don’t like, in being one of the last to speak with me, and seeing how long they can hold me captive.  So the ministry after the final session is usually marked by some cheap soul games of that kind.

I am going to leave the place at 5:45 in order to be home to Ann by 7:00 to relieve the caregiver.

It is hard to leave when there are 30 people still in line, and harder still when they claim an emergency need for “just two minutes” of my time.

In the natural, I have no solution for that facet of human nature in community.  God can handle it, I am sure, so ask Him what He wants prayed, so we don’t end the day on a sour note.

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Copyright by Arthur Burk

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