Group 1 – The Out and In Prayer

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A change of administration in government, usually results in a purge.  Many staffers from the old administration are replaced with new people who have new ideology and loyalties.

Easy to do from the top down, where the legal construct allows it.

It is a bit more challenging from the bottom up, but God will partner with us – especially because He knows who should be in a given setting and who not.

Here are some tools we used as a prayer team to craft the right mix of people at the event in Shelby.

Intercession Strategies for Cleansing Our Fractals Of Time

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Prayer Strategies

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Strategy #1

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I was overseas, having breakfast with my host who was well placed in society.  Out of habit, I prayed the Out and In Prayer for the event he was hosting that day.  It was an invitation only meal/teaching for the upper levels of government and entrepreneurship.

We went.  I engaged and thought it went well.

At dinner, he growled at me that my prayer had cost him 30% of those he had invited.

I was profoundly unrepentant.  Who has better judgment about who needed to hear the message: him or God?!

And for the Cleansing Our Fractals of Time seminar in February of next year, there are a lot of people who have already registered for the event, because they think they should be there.

Are they right?  I have no idea.  And, honestly, many of them don’t know either.  They just want to be there.

Furthermore, who are the people who should be there and are not planning to come?  I don’t know that either.  And many of them don’t either.

So the simple solution is to ask Father to take out of the event everyone who does not belong there, and to compel to come, everyone who should be there.

Quite simple and clear.

This is a prayer you will need to pray on an ongoing basis, so let’s tie it to the Prayer Trigger/Prayer Target technique, so it doesn’t become boring or lost in the shuffle.

The way that works is you pick a source of irritation in your life.  Traffic at the corner of Elm Street; the barking dog; spam in your inbox; sass from your teen; etc.

Every time that “trigger” comes up, you throw up a four second flare prayer in your mind, asking God to control the registration for the event.  Generally, the devil soon gets irritated at how prolific you are, and he tones down that source of irritation, so you have to select another one.  But most of us have more than one irritant in our lives, so this is no problem.

There are many more applications for the Out and In prayer.  This is just the beginning point and the one expression of the prayer we will continue for the duration of the preparation.

Lean into this one until the next strategy paper comes.  This will be your assignment for the next three months in addition to the section of the venue that you are praying for.

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Strategy #2

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I would encourage you to keep praying the Out and In Prayer as we send out a newsletter next week offering refunds to anyone who has doubts about whether they should be there.

Also, we are approaching a sellout, so if there are people who are supposed to be there, and the devil knows it, the enemy just has to keep delaying them, one day at a time, preventing them from registering until it is too late.

So keep the first assignment in play.

It is time to move on to the next level and that is the other events at the venue.  It is a large facility, and they at times have seven different events going simultaneously.

That means a lot of people who are not associated with our event could be on the premises that day.  They could be a liability or they could have divine appointments with our people.

Let’s overtly pray in every group that is supposed to be there.

What I really would like to see, is for the dominion from our event to overflow to the whole place.

In other words, the team of seven who run the LeGrand have a pretty substantial baseline.  They know good groups and bad groups, and most of all the mysterious good and bad days that have no obvious explanation.

If God wants the place to be empty other than our group, that is fine.  It is His business.  An easy day for the work team.

On the other hand, if He wants to bless them with maximum revenue, have every nook and cranny filled, but have absolutely amazingly good flow because our Kingdom alignment blesses the whole house, that is wonderful too.

We do walk in a lot of different authorities and our Kingdom wealth is sufficient to share with a whole building full of people.

So I have no idea what the King’s agenda is, but let’s pray it in.  Block every group that does not belong there on that day, and call in every single one who is supposed to be there for the King’s purposes.

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Strategy #3

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OK, team.  It is game on and time for you all to lean in.

The seminar sold out already.  We had a standby list.  And then people started dropping out!  Just like we prayed.  Yay God.

At present the standby list has cleared.

I am sending a newsletter next week covering lots of dynamics from the seminar, including inviting people to drop out, if they are not absolutely sure God is in it.  We offer a full refund to anyone who drops out before the event.

Obviously, there are a lot of soul reasons why someone would not want to drop out.  Pray that God’s Spirit would override all human “stuff” and that the group would be absolutely, solidly edited by God, down to the very last person who does not belong there, and the very last person who does.

Now, on a microcosm, begin to pray the Out and In Prayer for each of the nine sections of the floor plan.  Only God knows who needs what “juice” to be able to get the most out of the seminar.

Most people have a preferred slot.  Ask the Holy Spirit to massively override their soul’s “preferred” spot and compel them to be where they can get the most bang for their buck, whether they understand it or not.

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Copyright by Arthur Burk

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