Passionate Manhood Part 2 Download

Passionate Manhood Part 2 Download


This album covers the spiritual dynamics of a baby’s development beginning with the spirit leaving eternity.  It includes hours of healing prayers.

This is a downloadable album of nine CDs.

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    Passionate Manhood Part 2 Download

    Passionate Manhood Part 2 Download

    This album covers the spiritual dynamics of a baby’s development beginning with the spirit leaving eternity.  It includes hours of healing prayers.

    This is a downloadable album of nine CDs.

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    This is part of the series on redeeming men who were designed by God to walk in passionate manhood, who have become neutral and passive.

    The assumption is that God’s design is still there, but that people outside the passive men, people who love them, will need to intercede in order to jump start their journey back to passion.

    There are huge spiritual issues in the womb. This album is designed to equip the practitioner or the DIY person to war strategically for different issues along the way. Each topic begins with teaching about the concept. It ends with EXTENSIVE warfare and healing prayers that can be used as is, or repackaged and customized for your own situation.

    1. Reframing Prayer

    In the church today, the Emperor is broadly nekkid. We are exhorted to pray, pray, pray, but everyone knows that the majority of our prayers are not answered. If the question is ever raised, the answer is usually a brisk slap down. “Your fault. Lack of faith.”

    I think the answer is vastly more complex than that. This entire CD explores some rarely discussed principles about prayer. I explore that topic in THIS album because we look extensively at the question of whether WE can change anything NOW about the negative things that happened in the womb with SOMEONE ELSE.

    Highly legitimate question. Hard-nosed answers.

    2. Cleansing Conception

    We are the product of our parents. And many of us look askance at what our parents were like at our conception.

    This teaching looks at the strategy for cleansing the sperm and the egg retroactively, before the union, so there is a beneficial impact on the adult in question, now.

    The theology and strategies are followed by detailed prayers, illustrating the dynamics I taught on.

    3. The Human Spirit Transit from Eternity

    There are various models about the preconception life of the human spirit. This is not an evaluation of other models. Mine is simply that the human spirit was designed in heaven in eternity past. At a designated time, there is a transaction between God and the human spirit and the spirit transitions from eternity to time/space entering the single cell, forming a new human.

    My experience in personal ministry is that there can be significant assaults on the human spirit in that transition from there to here.

    Not everyone agrees and none of the different modalities can be absolutely supported scripturally.

    I share my perspective, the principles from the Word I use for the healing of those wounds, and I model the kinds of prayer that we have found to have good results. Those prayers, of course, can be adapted to your view of the matter.

    I am not dogmatic. I simply share the tools that have worked for us.

    4. The Generational Curse Dump

    Our model suggests that the generational curses are dumped into the new human’s spiritual package at the two to four cell split.

    I explain the biological support for that idea then build out the theology for appropriating the blessings and divesting ourselves of the curses.

    When this is repaired at this early stage in the gestation, it has vast implications for spirit, soul and body throughout the rest of the person’s development.

    5. The Three Germ Layers

    Our physical body is formed from three foundational kinds of cells: ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm, which are representative of Father, Son and Spirit, respectively.

    Each facet of our body is made of one of the three. So the brain and nervous system is made from ectoderm, which represents the Father. The heart, mesoderm, which is Jesus Christ. The lungs come from endoderm, which is the Holy Spirit.

    This entire teaching is about the physical implications in body formation from generational curses stemming from distorted views and relationships with the Trinity.

    6. Sanctifying the Germ Layers

    This entire teaching is deliverance and healing prayers regarding the engagement with the truth of the Trinity, and the subsequent formation of the body as it is being developed.

    Many of these prayers can be taken out of the context of the womb and applied to different issues and illnesses in the present.

    7. The Firstfruits of Differentiation

    Neither our secular nor our religious cultures tend to give much of a nod to firstfruits. For God, on the other hand, they are very important.

    After the three germ layers are formed, the first differentiation that takes place is the forming of the neural tube, which eventually encompasses the brain, spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system.

    There is teaching on the spiritual dynamics of firstfruits, followed by intense prayers for the CNS to be dedicated to God and for the fruits of that dedication to manifest in the physical body and the spiritual fractal represented by the CNS.

    8-9. Announcing the Conception

    When parents announce a pregnancy, the responses vary widely. There are abundant studies showing that rejection by either mother or father has significant negative consequences. Rejection by others in the circle of influence matters, but not as significantly.

    Against that backdrop, we explore the Bible’s ideal announcement scenario and draw principles from it.

    After that teaching, the rest of the two albums are warfare prayers and passionate blessings related to God’s engagement in the announcement process.

    These two CDs are extremely intense. FYI!

    This album was released in 2022.

    This is a downloadable album of nine CDs.


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