Deliverance for Children Download Album

Deliverance for Children Download Series


Children need deliverance too but they can’t engage in the adult processes. These prayers will wash their spirit, soul and body gently while they sleep.

This is a downloadable album of 26 tracks.

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    Deliverance for Children Download Series

    Deliverance for Children Download Series

    Children need deliverance too but they can’t engage in the adult processes. These prayers will wash their spirit, soul and body gently while they sleep.

    This is a downloadable album of 26 tracks.

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    Adult deliverance processes can be complex and are usually highly interactive. At times, the process is so ugly that the client is traumatized by the process of getting free. This is not something we want for our children.

    Arthur has crafted a series of prayers, covering a multitude of common and esoteric deliverance issues. The tone of voice is mellow and conversational. The language is suited for an elementary level child. He uses a great number of euphemisms and metaphors. The children will not understand all of the references but the spiritual realm certainly will.

    We envision parents playing these on an mp3 player during the night while the child sleeps. No active engagement by the child is needed. Play them for a month or two, quietly, in the background and watch to see what changes.

    Below are the topics covered. If you have issues with any of them, you can simply delete that track and only play the ones that you think are pertinent to your child.

    Further, if there is an episode later on where you suspect there was defilement, you can extract the tracts that are relevant and use just those to help cleanse.

    This product is only available as a download. 

    1)            Introduction

                    Explaining deliverance being like taking a shower. A time of cleaning up spirit and soul. 

    2)            The Window of Transition

                    The process whereby the human spirit came from eternity into time is sometimes defiled.


    3)            Conception

                    There are dynamics of conception that can be cleansed after the fact.


    4)            Aligning Time

                    The time line is supposed to be anchored at the spring of conception.


    5)            Engaging with Land

                    Psalm 87 indicates that the land we are conceived on has implications for our spiritual journey.


    6)            Words

                    What is said to and about the child from conception, through labor and delivery, into the engagement with the home community has huge implications.


    7)            Frequency

                    Every cell of our body has a right frequency. Our bodies are bombarded by electrical frequencies in the culture, but it is the spiritual frequencies that matter the most.


     8)            Cell Division

                     The first two divisions are hugely significant in the spiritual realm.


     9)            Boundaries

                     Scripture is replete with God’s passion over boundaries and some significant physical illness is merely a boundary issue.


     10)         The Tissue

                     The three layers are the basis for everything else that is formed in the body and the germ layers expresses the fractal of three.


     11)         Spinal Column

                    This is one of the first portions of the body to differentiate after the germ layers are formed.  Thus, it is the firstfruits of the body, and is massively spiritual.


     12)          Fractal of Two

                      From the cellular level to the brain laterality of the child, the fractal of two is everywhere in the body, and is the very first thing the devil succeeded in breaking in  the   Garden.


    13)          Fractal of Three

                    This is grounded in the Trinity and is expressed in many ways in the body.


    14)          The Endocrine System

                     This is an intense expression of the fractal of seven. Its distortion in the generations will affect the development of the baby in the womb.


     15)          The Skeletal System

                      Special attention is given to the sphenoid in the skull and to the flat bones that produce most of the red blood cells.


    16)            Birth

                       Much can happen in this transition that leaves permanent consequences for a child, if not addressed.


     17)          Covenants

                     Generational covenants are a source of a great deal of evil in our lives, as are secret covenants within contracts.


     18)          Alien Human Spirits

                      Engaging with random AHS, as well as those from the hospital, and any vanishing twin.


     19)          Demons

                     There are generational issues here as well as stuff from the course of life that can be lifted off gently.


     20)          Leviathan

                     I have yet to find an adult who does not have some Leviathan issues. Children will grow up with more peace, when this spirit is not distorting them.


     21)          Nephilim

                     Whether this is present or not, there is no harm in taking a swipe at it.


     22)          Structures

                     Spiritual structures can distort the growth pattern and hamper a child’s spiritual connection with God.


     23)          Seat of Dominion

                     The human spirit is supposed to be established in the Seat of Dominion, in the medial prefrontal cortex. Many times there has been generational defilement or distortion of that spot.


    24)          Intimacy with God

                    The Shadow of Death is an entity that seeks to block our connection with God. This can be removed before a child has the damage to his identity of trying to connect with God and not being able to.


     25)          Discernment

                     Everyone is born with discernment but the culture normally drives it out of the child by the age of five. This is a cleanup of false discernment and a release of the genuine gift of God.


     26)          Blessing of Time and Space

                     Each child was inserted into the stream of world history with divine intent.

    This album was released in 2018.  

    This is a downloadable album of 26 tracks.



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