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Your brain can be the landing pad for structures and critters that can impede your spirit from soaring. This album goes from teaching to immediate application with warfare prayers.

This is a downloadable album of five CDs.

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Blessing Your Brain Part 3 can stand alone, but its greatest impact comes as part of the sequence.

In this album we are looking at the primary focus of unleashing your spirit to be its finest. To do that, we covered the following topics:

1.  Disconnecting from the globally shared spiritual dynamics of various kinds that smother our vitality.

Difficulty seeing what we need to see, especially in the Word of God.

The power of smell as a major tool for discernment in determining where God is (and isn’t!)

Unlocking the finest treasures of our spiritual heritage that are needed to go from good to great in our Kingdom work.

There is deep Biblical teaching that you will want to listen to a few times and take notes. There are prayers that can be deconstructed to be repackaged as finely tailored prayers for your own journey.

But overall, there is a deeper treasure of spiritual passion and power that heals, for those who wish to play it regularly in the background of their daily life, in order to heal the brain of things we don’t even have words for.

This album was released in 2019.

This is a downloadable album of five CDs.



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  • Play Button 4. BYB3 CD04 The Babylonian Curse
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What I've Come to Expect From Sapphire...

This album packs a solid punch.

Here are two paraphrased, passionate statements by Arthur that have become bedrock for me:

"Your page does not have to be stapled in to the Big Book (the book of accumulated curses in the larger community)..."

“NO ONE, no matter how broken, was (is) excluded from the power and scope of the work of Christ on the Cross and the Resurrection. We just have to unlock the treasures of redemption that are available for everyone...”

In my association with this special tribe for 15 years, this is and always has been characteristic of Arthur and the community of Sapphire—willing to “go where no man has gone before” to uncover the treasures of the Kingdom of God in order to set people free.

With this album once again I am a recipient of the life-changing fruit of this community. (And as much as I want to I will refrain from sharing some specific shifts that have already happened since listening.) I invite you to go find them for yourself...(-:

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The day before

For most of my life, I was put in some kind of "Big Book" of "single females exist as a commodity to serve the family and have no birthrights, destiny or identity of their own". The day before the album was released, I made yet another appeal to God to break all these agreements in my family and my culture, this time in the presence of witnesses. In a flash, I saw the written record of agreements tear completely from top to bottom and I was supernaturally taken out of that book, and put into God's New Book where I am seen as His daughter, as part of His family, and having birthrights, identity and destiny. It's a great feeling.

Exponential Transformation

Every. Single. Human. should hear and apply this album.

If you are breathing, you have experienced being placed in the bondage of someone's "Big Book". Whether it be our own, other’s expectations or the physician's diagnosis its there and today is a fantastic day for freedom.
There was something special at the seminar and it’s on the album as well. Its alive from start to finish and MUST have had an intense birthing because this is so FULL of LIFE; absolutely full of the kind of life that resurrects the dead and moves the small to BIG.
Personally, I am one of many recipients of the life of God released in this album. For years, my neck has suffered and I’ve endured countless procedures in my spine. Today, I am healed and having to relearn how to do life WITHOUT pain. Physically there has been tremendous change, but even greater, my spirit and soul are in a whole new place of freedom.
Beyond my personal stuff, the principles expounded upon in this album are portable and can enable significant treasure extraction from not only your own life but in the lives of others you encounter.
If you really want to LIVE and be a LIFE GIVER, I very much recommend adding this album to your arsenal. It will change your life.

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Absolute Life-changer

I was present for this recording, and the whole seminar had a power and presence that I have never felt before at that level. Arthur has said that this album is one of the top three most transformational albums he has ever made. I believe it.

In the first session, when Arthur shared his understanding about the various Big Book bondages, a strong and electrical excitement went through the room as we GOT it. A permanent life-changer. A way out of the cage. This session alone is worth the entire price of the album. Toward the end, Arthur suddenly released a new understanding of the Lord's crucifixion & resurrection that sucked the air out of the whole room. I could listen to that section over and over. To suddenly see it from a completely NEW perspective was stunning. Deeper truths than I had ever realized.

The sessions on sight and the session on smell were both riveting, and have opened up new facets of my own discernment, and the way that I navigate life. I have a much deeper perception of reality and what is REALLY there. I loved Arthur's explanation of Normal vs. Typical, and his injunction, "Don't be Typical!"

The Babylonian curse, and Arthur's breaking of it for us, may have been the biggest game-changer I've ever experienced. The knowledge that we have plentiful resources to DO the God-given things that burn in our hearts, but that partitions have been set up by the enemy to block those resources, was stunning. Arthur's blessing in breaking those partitions was one of the most powerful prayer experiences I have ever had. I have already experienced accelerating fruit from this cleansing.

The last session on the Underground was mind-blowing, and I am still leaning into all the mystery & potential ramifications of understanding this. We truly went into the deep places.

If you're only going to get one album, get this one. It is a densely packed life-changer. I can't recommend it highly enough.

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Blessing Your Brain Part 3 Download

Blessing Your Brain Part 3 Download

Your brain can be the landing pad for structures and critters that can impede your spirit from soaring. This album goes from teaching to immediate application with warfare prayers.

This is a downloadable album of five CDs.

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