Sanctifying the Marketing Office

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There are two kinds of marketing. Some marketing departments are in charge of getting people to buy poorly made, over-priced objects which they don’t need and can’t afford. A righteous marketing department is in charge of informing people about a well made product that is priced appropriately and will bring value to the right customers when they acquire it.

We will assume that our marketers are in the second category.

With the receptionist, we developed a synergy between her design and our blessings for the land. Here we will look at the synergy between the first head of Leviathan and the blessings. The full teaching is available in the album called Joy Unstoppable.

The first head of Leviathan deals with light. I dealt with a businessman who had been in the same location for nearly two decades. He also had significant web sales. Periodically however, his sales would dry up for no apparent reason. There would be several days in a row when sales were a paltry $300 per day which did not come near covering his overhead.

Then mysteriously, the sales would go back up to their normal level, or a little above, and he would dig out of the financial backlog and go forward.

This is the first head of Leviathan at work. Imagine your “visibility” in the economic community being controlled by a light switch. The devil can flip the switch off and put you in the dark, making your website and your store nearly invisible. Then, he can turn it back on again to let you dig out, and as soon as you get to a break even point, he flips the switch off. He gets more pleasure out of the torment of the yo-yo effect, and the powerlessness of your not knowing whether you will be able to dig out this time, than he would from shutting down the business with finality.

This problem can be solved in two ways. The first is for the marketing director to address the principle of design which is the foundation for authority or lack of authority over the 1st head. This would give the individual in charge of that department high spiritual authority in the area of light.

The second would be to bless his land and the company with having the light God desires them to have. For this exercise, our concordance will be a useful tool, since there are around 200 uses of the word light in the Bible. For those of you who like to finesse meanings, please note that there are at least 15 different Hebrew and Greek words all translated by the same English word. You can leverage the nuances in your blessings for land over the course of a year.

For now, I will stick with the primary Hebrew word ‘owr and will go to the book of Psalms since that is a widely used metaphor in the poetic books.

Psalm 18:28 is a clear, simple, hard-hitting place to start. “You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.”

“Father, You are light. You are the creator of all light here on earth. And You are the only one who should control the ‘switch’ to the spiritual light around me and this business. I ask You to forgive every action and inaction that has given legal right to the enemy to control the visibility of this company. I ask You to take back control of the switch, so that You and You alone determine how much light emanates from this company.”

Psalm 112:4 “Even in darkness, light dawns for the upright, for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man.”

“Father, it is a source of incredible joy to us that You are not at the mercy of the Federal Reserve, Congress or the International Monetary Fund. Since You have opted out of the current global recession, we can too. Therefore I bless this land and this business with having the light of God shining from it, especially in times of economic distress. May the fruit of our lifestyle be converted to light that is seen in the spiritual realm, which draws people to us and our products.”

Psalm 97:11 “Light is shed on the righteous and joy on the upright in heart.”

“Land, we have worked hard to raise the bar of righteousness in this company. Now based on the clear statement of the Word of God, I bless you with the light that is due us from the choices we have made to do business in a righteous way.”

When you finish with the verses that are applicable, go to the stories in Scripture. What about Job? You look at the paltry start-up capital he had after going bankrupt. Each of his friends gave him a silver coin and a gold earring. But with that, he leveraged a huge financial empire.

Notice that God did not rain down money from heaven on him. His wealth was devoured in an instant, but it came back through a process. For him to leverage that dab of capital into becoming the financial powerhouse of the region, God had to shine His light on Job, causing people to want to come to him to do business in a remarkable way.

By the way, remember the guy I referred to above who had his light switch controlled by the enemy? He tried blessing the light of his business, and on the first day, sales shot through the roof, far exceeding their average daily income. However, he depended on the blessings instead of addressing the principle of design that drives the 1st head authority, and he could not sustain the victory.

Blessings are no substitute for principle-driven living. However, when you walk out the principles, the blessings are a powerful accelerator for what you are already investing in the process.

Copyright November 2010 by Arthur Burk
From the Quarterdeck, in Anaheim

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