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Joy Unstoppable


Leviathan is a spirit that was created by God and called “good” on the 5th day of creation. Unfortunately, we know little of the positive force of Leviathan in our world, and are often enmeshed in the dark side of this entity.

In our model, there are seven heads to Leviathan and they affect the seven areas of nature: light, air, life, time, sound, motion and essence.

This album will give you an overview of each of the seven heads and what it looks like in daily life when they are distorted or flowing the way God intended.

Much more to the point is the issue of the sins that open the door to a given head of Leviathan and the lifestyle change we have to embrace to experience the righteous head being expressed in our lives.


Click on the links below to download the audio clip. You will be prompted to save the zipped file on your computer. Once you have saved and unzipped the file you may play it in a media player or burn it to a CD.