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When Your Call is Blocked


There are five foundational strategies the enemy uses to block our calling. This album explains each one and then offers ministry prayers for breakthrough.

This is a five CD set.

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Almost all of Scripture is about blocked calls. Adam was blocked because he had no wife. Abraham was blocked because he had no son. Joseph was blocked because his family did not believe in his calling. Saul was blocked because he did not know how to start a new kingdom. Hosea was blocked because his wife could not receive the love he lavished on her.

And God was blocked because His covenant people utterly warped the spirit and the letter of the game plan He created for them.

But for every blockage, there was a solution.

This album presents five different areas which the enemy leverages to block us. In almost every case, his power comes through his stealth approach, and once you have seen what he is doing, it is easy to dislodge the problem and get traction again.

All through the album are warfare prayers for release from different facets of the problem.

This is a five CD set.


When Your Call is Blocked

I've listened to Arthur's teachings often over the years but never got much out of them. Most of the time I found the title of a download didn't seem to match its content, which left me frustrated.

For the reasons mentioned above, I didn't want to spend money on an album, but since my call has been blocked for years, I decided to bite the bullet and make a purchase.

I listened to about half the album the day before yesterday. Everything up until that point applied to me, yet I couldn't help but feel despondent over my future.

Those feelings grew into despair as the day wore on, but through it the Holy Spirit asked me to listen to the rest of the album. With great anger, I agreed to do it, although I didn't think it would do me any good.

The next segment was Arthur's prayer. Well, not only did Arthur's words speak directly to my issues, it was the first time where each and every word of the prayer was a grand slam home run. I cried with great relief and then went to sleep. When I woke up, I was filled with a hope I haven't known in over a decade.

Now I am able to address other issues that are contributing to the blocks. For instance, I now know a strong victim spirit has been attached to me for most of my life. Today I am gaining the tools on how to pray to remove that demonic stronghold.

I expect to be free. I am getting free. I am glad I pushed through my doubts and anger. This album, at least to me, was worth the $30. Also, I promise not to pirate it.

Blessings to you and to anyone who gives this a listen.

Go for the full immersion in this

If you want to be baptized in a practical theology on blockages (and finding a way out), I recommend full immersion in this album, not just a sprinkling. I listened to it twice and some of the tracks several times, to truly soak up all this has to offer. Definitely one of my favorites!

No one I know makes the people of the Bible come more alive than Arthur, so I loved that he set the stage by showing how the majority of scripture is full of people being blocked-and introducing a cast of more than a dozen biblical characters for real-life examples we can connect with today.

1. The section on identifying whether you are an Initiator/Starter or Builder or a Finisher/Closer is excellent. And a great call to action: "You have to do maintenance on your identity. Do you own emotional maintenance."

2. This will mess with your mindset in a good way on Reconciliation. And the Q&A times share a lot of gold nuggets, too.

3. My absolute favorite section was on LAND! (Fascinating to hear how land can be a black that keeps us from moving forward.) This was such a timely tool and gave me new language to immediately apply to my current situation.

4. The Leadership section provided a new frame and the reality check I needed for my own vision and reminded me: "It's not a crime to outgrow your mentors."

So liberating.

While pain and frustration may bring you to this teaching, I bless you with experiencing your own flavor of hope, clarity and ah-ha moments that I had as I listened to it, so you can be re-energized to take these tools and apply them to getting unstuck.

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Feeling all stopped up?

In this engaging album, Arthur unveils the enemy's favorite schemes for derailing a calling with an eloquence for empowering the everyday believer to become God's greatest partner in their own process. Revisiting many popular Biblical heroes' journeys, you will learn to diagnose where your blockage is located and how to address it in the spiritual, as well as, the natural realm.
Be prepared as the synergy between the Biblical principle and abstract spiritual reality restores the flow of your calling and moves you downstream at an unprecedented rate!
You will find yourself listening again and again with new insight every time.

I would rate this 23 stars if I could...the spicier the better

I have a list of 5 albums that are at the top of my SLG list.

5. Legitimacy-Because that is one of my personal banner messages with respect to anyone to whom I am ministering.
4. Onyx Business DNA-Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard's biography absolutely melted me and the concept of creating environments of trust in the institutions we operate. Social Responsibility lights my fire, and this album is CRITICAL for anyone who wants to thoroughly understand the affection Father has for the Redemptive Teacher.
3. Joy Unstoppable-For the force that Father wants to put in you as his son as you walk those 100,000 steps
2. Life, Dominion, and Honor-The story of how the Trinity ministers to our spirit and the affection He has for South Carolina is infectious.
1. When Your Call Is Blocked

This is my favorite teaching not merely because the subject is gripping (who doesn't want to be free to pursue what G-d has called us to do?) and because it was the first time I had ever seen Arthur live. I got to understand the land dynamic differences between the U.S, and the Ontarian peninsula, where Toronto is located.

Arthur was excessively gracious in his presentation, and his compassion for people who are broken and powerless really shines through, despite the fact that it is holiness that he is discussing. I think he moved from Teacher to Mercy to Prophet in his presentation, honestly.

And this was not a lullaby time either, as he says in the opening monologue.

He really gives of his time in order to share the resources of the kingdom that are available for us to break through.

I learned from this that I am a Opener and a Closer of Seasons. I recognize the end of a season.

I also, when I was at this seminar, thought I was a Redemptive Gift of Teacher. I recognize now that this is not the case, but I was glad to be responsive.

There were things that resonated with me:

-artificial time
-the need to minister to land and the need for recognizing the need to transition from one piece of land to another smoothly
-the redefinition of community
-curses and devices on our marriage covenant as a result of marrying outside of G-d's will because we yield to social pressures
-a SOLID definition of reconciliation, that makes us recognize that there are times when G-d pushes for reconciliation, and there ARE TIMES WHEN G-D SAYS YOU NEED TO BE ALIENATED FROM SOMEONE FROM A PRIOR SEASON SO THAT WE CAN MOVE FORWARD! I personally followed up that discussion on reconciliation and alienation with a question for what alienation looks like for a Teacher. The answer, and as soon as I finished asking the question, hit me in the face, and then a split second later, Arthur answered the question with the illustration of Samuel. G-d, at some point, told Samuel to quit mourning the loss of Saul, which was painful for him, but necessary.

I needed to hear that, because I had been living for years with the loss of friends, and the need to move forward.

If we fail to allow for alienation at the right times and seasons, when people do not accept our design, then that can become a severe blockage.

Seriously, I know I covered a few items, but this album is well worth the purchase if you are stuck and wonder why you are unable to advance toward your calling.

Thank you for your time on this one Arthur, and for being patient with me when I was clueless on my design in so many places.

Family blocked, Heavenly Court being addressed

The one area that is blocked has so many people hindering me that I needed God's intervention your material wouldn't help me.
I'm still waiting for it to be addressed.

So helpful

It seemed like we were stuck for several years... after listening and implementing the things we learned in this set, we got unstuck, and almost didn't believe it! We are still learning but Praise the LORD! We are moving! Highly recommend this set.

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When Your Call is Blocked

When Your Call is Blocked

There are five foundational strategies the enemy uses to block our calling. This album explains each one and then offers ministry prayers for breakthrough.

This is a five CD set.

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