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Blessing Womanhood Part 1


The office of womanhood needs language and definition before we can choose to grow into it with wisdom and grace. This is an introduction to the topic. 

This is a six CD set.

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Suppose you have a daughter who will be transitioning into womanhood in time.  How would you as a parent prepare her for the intersection of her spirit, soul and body around the topic of womanhood? 

The culture focuses on form and function.  If you are going to compete vigorously with the culture and define womanhood differently for your daughter, what would that look like?

Suppose you are a single woman.  You wish to unpack your womanhood to the fullest, but being a wife and a mother are not part of the package right now. 

What else is there?  How can you grace the office of womanhood at an exceptional level in other ways?

Or suppose you are in or after a rough marriage.  The man in your life has shredded your self-respect and your vision for your life. 

Who are you after a brutal marriage?  What is there left to build into elegant, powerful, compelling womanhood after the spiritual, emotional and physical damage of that kind of a marriage?

These blessings for womanhood (as distinct from blessings for women) won’t give you all the answers, but they will certainly give you language and a focus to get started in all three categories. 

This is a six CD set.


Life changed forever

I had the advantage of listening to Blessing Womanhood I and then attending Blessing Womanhood 2. On my [LONG] drive home, I found that my entire frame of reference for LIFE had shifted.

When you grow up in the Evangelical faith, (pick a denomination, any denomination), you come to know the Bible continuum. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Zechariah, Jesus, Saul/Paul, John, and so on. There's an unbroken line that you come to know quite well - the timeline of Faith.
But the women pop up only sporadically, and frequently in unfortunate circumstances. From the pulpit, I heard very little about the women, and it was always "Eve the Sinner, Lot's wife the Disobedient, Rahab the Harlot, Mary Magdalene, the Prostitute (and Mary M. WASN'T A PROSTITUTE!! Listen to Blessing Womanhood I, CD 3, Track 3!!!!!!!) Just bits & pieces, & mostly as a way of telling the stories of the men.

So as a young girl & then a woman, my view of being on the Timeline of Faith AS a woman was fragmented, guilty, furtive, and abashed. Better to lay low and not make waves, so I wouldn't mess up, like they did. Even the virtuous ones like Ruth & Mary, mother of Jesus were portrayed in a way that was two-dimensional & unreal.

After listening to the Blessing Womanhood I set, and then hearing Blessing Womanhood 2 in person, I came away stunned. I realized that, for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I had a seamless, unbroken Timeline of Faith for women, for ME. Eve's design was uncorrupted in spite of her sin, and she shone in that design. Rahab was a courageous and strategic hero. Martha (about whom I had only heard negative things from the pulpit) walking out her wonderful design. Elizabeth, a worshiper of stunning depth.

Suddenly, I could also see myself also on that grid of women of faith & God's design, and the grid was unbroken from the beginning of Creation. I make sense. I am exactly where I am supposed to be, and I have a spectacular host of mothers and sisters ahead of me, whose example I can love and follow. It has absolutely and permanently rocked my whole world.

See Womanhood in a Whole New Light

Wow! With so many different ideas about women in today’s society, this teaching presents a beautiful and complimentary view of womanhood from key parts of Scripture where God speaks about or to women directly. It then provides myriad ways of discovering our individual sound, role, and heart’s desire. I am still soaking up and practicing these new ideas with a new-found level of authority.

Confirming and dividing the truth from the lies

The core of who I was had been wounded. Never could I identify the thoughts and trust them completely. Blessing Womanhood was a revelation and a confirmation as what I had heard my spirit tell me when I was young. The tears that rolled as I could hear His truth about me again.. The Blessing Womanhood Album Part 1 and 2 helped to align so much. Thank you! Thank you!

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Blessing Womanhood Part 1

Blessing Womanhood Part 1

The office of womanhood needs language and definition before we can choose to grow into it with wisdom and grace. This is an introduction to the topic. 

This is a six CD set.

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