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What is a Noble Subject?

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  • Noble Subjects
    By : Carol Trago On September 3rd 2020

    Thank you for the encouragement. I don't always comment on what I am learning through SLG because I still have a hard time expressing myself by writing. Thank you for who you are in the Kingdom of God. You are appreciated and loved!
    Carol Trago

  • Wonderful reframing
    By : Cynthia Harris On September 3rd 2020

    So - in a Republic, the citizens are horizontally oriented - peers governing peers. Personal interests. Entitlement. Injustice.
    And, as subjects of the King, we are vertically oriented - subjects who want only to express the design and worth of the King within the kingdom. Dignity. Abundance. Sonship.
    This is wonderful to ponder on. Thanks for this post.
    And for the tagline at the bottom of the page - I think "Noble Subjects" masterfully summarizes all these ideas.

  • ....and it is quite the priviledge and quite the honor
    By : Charmine (Chayil) Carpenter On August 29th 2020

    Well said, Sir Arthur! Reading this has made me to realize that GOD is the Great KING and there's nobody and nothing such as His KINGship!! Very Encouraging!! May GOD continue to do exceedingly, abundantly, all you can ask or Jesus name.

  • Your mail on noble subjects
    By : Frieda On August 29th 2020

    Everything i read in your stuff helps me to give words, to see better or in a new way.....i loooove the word here..." extravagant God"....makes Him bigger than we can possbly think of, in all directions, from creativity, to " how much ", new ways we can not think of....
    Thank you

  • Rights
    By : Sandy Stetz On August 27th 2020

    It is a privilege to be a subject.
    Subjects are granted the right to suffer.
    As Christians, we think suffering is to be avoided at all costs.
    Too often our American view of “rights” extends into the Church as a whole.
    We have rights. We have access to the Father at all times. We have an eternal “hope of glory” and much more.
    We do not have the right to direct our own paths or choose how we might like to suffer “for Christ”.
    We are seated with Him in heavenly places and we do have authority on the earth.
    But we must be inclined to ask ourselves, whose will, am I doing today?
    Although we are sons as well as subjects, our thoughts should center on Him.
    I have a friend who was a missionary for 50 years. He told me that he starts each day, asking, Holy Spirit, what do you want to do today and how can I help?

  • Yes and Amen!
    By : Sharron On August 27th 2020

    I love this! I am proud to be a 'subject ' of our Most High King!

  • Thanks!
    By : Renée On August 27th 2020

    Put so well, as always, especially mentioning the privilege we have. Thanks!