Beauty in Discovery

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  • Fruit three years later
    By : Cynthia Harris On June 3rd 2021

    One of the students in a recent "Your Spirit 101" class cited this blog, and her reading it in 2018, as a breakthrough at the time which is currently helping her unwrap her design, as she connects with her spirit. She wrote, "I had an amazing encounter with God about the Ocean one time after reading a write up from Arthur titled Beauty in Discovery from Nov 2018. After reading it in prayer I started to think about me singing over the Ocean and I just started experiencing something deep down on the inside of me regarding the Ocean and I had a very emotional experience when thinking about it...I now realize that I have a very deep and powerful connection to the Ocean way deep down inside of me... the power, the motion, the sound everything about the Ocean just undoes me." It has been beautiful to watch her explore the things that this blog helped her to understand about herself.

    Replied by : Arthur Burk Love all the ways God ambushes us to reveal what He put there.

  • My Songs by Laura Short
    By : Laura Short On January 1st 2019

    “Through the Master’s Hands”
    Broken pieces fit together,
    Through the Master’s Hands;
    Bringing wholeness to our hearts
    And gladness to our lives, to our lives.
    Broken pieces, shattered dreams,
    Give them all to Him, Hold nothing back,
    Lift your hands in Praise,
    Let Him start again.
    (Repeat 1st four lines)
    “When My Children Cry”
    When My children cry, I listen
    When My children cry, I hear
    I look and see why the tears are there
    When My children cry
    I listen and am near.
    Come up closer to Me, My child
    I want to hold and comfort you,
    I will give you rest.

  • Beauty/design
    By : Alexa Barnard On November 17th 2018

    I got chills with the blogpost and have tears in my eyes. I have no words.

  • This Song Resonates deeply
    By : Donna Rauckman On November 17th 2018

    Hallelujah Sooo profound and delicious. This spoke to my spirit in an enormous way! Confirms And excites me to my core being, Thank You!!!! I rejoice also with the comments and the revelation shared. A symbolic action I took this very hour will attest to understanding for someone. I had a very beloved shirt (worn for Years) in which I felt comfortable and dressy but could be casual also. Yesterday I noticed a large shredded tear on the top right shoulder from fabric worn thin. Contemplating repair I looked at it and knew that I knew that I knew it was time and a season to Not put a new patch on an old garment.
    I declared and decreed that the new wine being poured into me would be going into a fresh, new wine skin. With thanks, I tore the beloved old shirt till rendered useless, no turning back. Discovery, unpacking and learning to use the gifts inside of me for His Kingdom has been a sweet and troublesome journey for several years now. Blessings and prayers for you always.

  • a hearty AMEN
    By : Nathan Noble On November 14th 2018

    I was just journaling/writing on this topic tonight - that as we discover more of who HE is, there is a greater beauty that we carry. At the end of the day, what we really have to offer others is who He is in us; who He is to us becomes who He is through us. Something in this is true beauty.

  • Pursuing deeper Beauty
    By : Amy Dudley On November 14th 2018

    "What facets would He like you to recognize and celebrate?"
    "How would you find out what He wishes were seen?"
    Arthur, these 2 questions are going to have me searching for a bit. I so appreciate the depth that you encourage us to pursue.

  • Thank you
    By : Danielle Bowman On November 14th 2018

    I don’t have words to say how my spirit is leaping over this.

  • Uniqueness
    By : David Brown On November 14th 2018

    When I read of a possible scenario of Marjorie's Gina best worshipping at sunrise, skilled at singing cleansing and sings her best while standing waist deep in a flowing river, I laughed out loud at my mental image. We live in Juneau, Alaska so even in the summer, a river you could stand in waist deep, would be really cold. Then I read of her inner landscape and realized, of course, our God would make it possible for her to worship at her best, even when that was a unique package. Then when you ended with encouraging her to ask Jesus to reveal something unique about him that others didn't know and that he knew she could most appreciate because of her uniqueness, I was touched to tears because that is our King. He would delight in doing that for her. Repentant, changed direction, went from being amused to being overwhelmed by tenderness at the truth of God's love for each of us. The power of beauty.

  • Loved it!
    By : Suzaan De Kok On November 14th 2018

    I specifically loved the 3 step process: Discovery, unpacking and combining.
    It reminded me of a new skill that I've desired but never had the opportunity to practice until now: The art or skill of spinning yarn and finding God's beauty and love for me in the process.
    Drawing parallels in how Father wove me together in my mother's womb, but how He needed to select the type of fiber first: Cultured silk, wild silk, merino, flax (linen) or cashmere. Naturally colored or colored by His creativity in bright and bold colors or maybe soft pastel colors. By doing that, He thought about me and decided everything about me, even before creation. By how excited He was about the whole process, and how beautiful and surprising (to me) it is to take 2 singles and ply them together to make a gorgeous yarn. Such deep satisfaction!
    Thank you Arthur!

  • Beauty in Discovery
    By : Cynthia Harris On November 14th 2018

    This is so splendid. I am weeping & weeping as I am reading it. I am so thrilled for Marjorie and for Gina, and so deeply moved by the description of this session, as you took her progressively deeper, one step at a time. "I left Gina bursting with excitement about what the future held for her." What must it be like to leave behind a whole trail of people like that as your legacy? But the real treasure lies in your last line. "And THAT will be the ultimate expression of worship of the King – when the light of His beauty, encapsulated in her, becomes evident." I want to write that out & re-read it repetitively, and pass it on to so many people. This whole post is Beauty.