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Beauty in a Look

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  • Butlering
    By : Cyndi Shanklin On September 15th 2019

    I love that God is not a snob. And the dignity that Fred found through your word picture of butlering is awesome. Sometimes the most profound revelations come from looking for His purpose in our lowly positioning.

  • Beauty in a Look
    By : Cynthia Harris On November 14th 2018

    The miracle of Reframing.
    What you did with Fred reminds me of what Jesus did so effortlessly, like with the Samaritan woman at the well, when He engaged with her in theological conversation, giving her such a level of surprised empowerment that she was able to move the whole village out to come and hear Jesus.
    Or my favorite, the Syrophoenician woman in Matthew 15, where Jesus spoke a difficult & challenging word to her, offering her the typical inflammatory statement that would open up an argument between scholars, a huge compliment, and unheard-of Reframing for that type of woman at that time. And then commended her in front of EVERYONE for her response.
    Same way as you Reframed Fred here.
    Your last sentence makes me weep every time I read it:
    "Beauty in a look, as the Holy Spirit brooded over his spirit."
    Thank you.

  • Amen!
    By : Elouise On November 12th 2018

    Amen to Jenny Collins’ comment! AMEN!

  • Flow Optimizer = God Given Design = The Butler --> AWE
    By : Dietrich Podehl On November 12th 2018

    Optimizer in Flow of petrochemical products as a carreer
    advancing-developing into Flow in different other processes incl spiritual
    Sum: detecting, languaging, and legitmizing-->
    Freds given design by Father-G-d Flow optimizer =Office of "The Butler".
    Personaly watching this realisiation sinking deep into Fred
    displayed on his face, in his posture, in His whole being
    -->AWE, Beauty, AWE, Beauty, AWE, Beauty

  • Beautiful!
    By : Jenny Collins On November 12th 2018

    Beautiful! Only God could go from petrochemical engineer to butler! But it totally makes sense. I love how you partnered with Holy Spirit to language that connection to Fred's office. I can just imagine that look.
    And since butlers were in charge of all the wine, I bless Fred with decanting and serving the Master's new wine that will flow forth in his new season.

  • Dignity
    By : Alexa Barnard On November 12th 2018

    I love how this story builds out. God really has deposited in us all something of himself. We just need to see it differently many times. This remind so strongly of how God, jesus Christ and holy spirit is right through scripture old and new. How magnificently they create the flow for our salvation. Beautiful story

  • Dignity
    By : Amy Dudley On November 12th 2018

    Dignity is Beauty
    Beauty is Dignity
    ~ Profound ~