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Discovering God’s Design

Our passion is to discover God’s design, repair it where necessary and validate it when needed. These blogs highlight how it is done in our circles.

Everything God has designed is a reflection of Him in some way or another. Therefore, the enemy hates God’s design. He mocks it, breaks it, defiles it and denies it.

And we celebrate it, heal it, redeem it and affirm it.

Join us in our defiance.

  • Updating Labels
    Updating Labels
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    “Sally” was a certified, card carrying, hard core, brass knuckle rebel. ...

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  • Playing Field or Design
    Playing Field or Design
    1309 Views 13 Liked

    There was an interesting exchange on the Sapphire Blessings Forum recently that I thought had large implications for many people, so I am sharing it here.

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  • Good Dad; Bad Dad
    Good Dad; Bad Dad
    1505 Views 44 Liked

    Joseph announced to his family that God had announced to him that he was called to leadership. His father slapped him down. His brothers sold him into slavery. In Potiphar’s house, starting at the bottom, this rich man’s kid had tons of pain. Betrayal. Racism. Broken dreams. And learning how to work. HARD.

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