Family News from the Tribe

We are a family not just a company, so we share the ups and downs of our relationships, our dreams, our bumps and our times of soaring.

We invite you to laugh with us and at us.

You can share in our dreams and our celebrations.

And you are certainly invited to share in our pain, unless you are overloaded already.

  • From the Mailbag December 2020
    From the Mailbag December 2020
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    The newsletter about the broken arm and its ramifications has predictably netted a lot of emails. If you are not subscribed to it, but want to read it, you can find it in the Free Stuff on our website. Here are some bits and pieces from your emails that grabbed me.

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  • From the Mailbag January 2021
    From the Mailbag January 2021
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    Neither God nor the devil took the holidays off.  Here are some edifying snippets from polyvariegated journeys in the Tribe. 

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