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Life Skills

The foundation of social skills is simply cultural. How you greet someone in Somalia differs from greetings in Thailand. So, whatever your culture, there are rules of “propriety” that are inculcated in you – or should have been.

But beyond cultural niceties, the art of genuine engagement with someone else is based on God’s design of their spirit and soul, and our understanding of what causes a response versus a reaction.

This section of blogs is a collection of random as-it-happened vignettes that illustrate some life skill or another.

  • Chaos
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    I just received an email from a Noble Subject celebrating the beauty of her family's life.  I had to smile.  A year ago, her emails were dripping with pain at the violence with which everything familiar was being ripped apart.

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  • What is a Noble Subject?
    What is a Noble Subject?
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    Why do we call our Tribe, “Noble Subjects?”  I use the term "Subject" to differentiate our Christian experience from the cultural grid of a republic. 

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