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A012LAC Defining the Harvest

This is an archived video of the twelfth Life After Church event. Cost includes 428 days of access after purchase date.

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In baseball, the goal is the home run. Unless you are the pitcher, in which case it is the no hitter.

2017 is a year of harvest. But what are you harvesting? And how would you know what you should?

This will be an exploration of a number of Biblical characters who had widely different harvests, at the right time in their lives.

Holy Communion will revolve around repentance for rejecting the offered harvest, and petition for clear spiritual vision for the right harvest.

Air Date: Saturday, August 12, 2017

Air Time: 6:00 PM Pacific Time


balm on my soul.

even when God leads you into traumatic failure and abandonment, it is with the strategic purpose of drawing out the treasures in your spirit.

it was like balm on my soul to hear the different portraits of King Father’s individual dealings with the each redemptive gift in His work to bring forth His desired harvest. Arthur reminded me that Elohim has purposed to work an eternal game plan through every one of our lives; and, if we allow His wisdom to run its full course, the harvest may not necessarily conform to the ideas we have in our minds but it will certainly carry the weight of glory.

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Process for Harvest

The Live Streams have all been Excellent! They have all brought fresh teaching that you don't get other places.

Arthur starts by talking about a couple fairly common things that can hinder our harvest. Then using people in the Bible that represent each of the redemptive gifts, he shows the unique passions, challenges, and harvest for each of them. He brings a greater understanding of each of the redemptive gifts and the processes they go through to harvest.

As always, the prayer and communion at the end was powerful!

Hope for the future

This teaching brings a fresh perspective to the familiar redemptive gifts. It helped me narrow in on my personal goals and hugely validated my previous sowing by giving language to the harvest I can expect to receive. Arthur out did himself with his choice of Bible characters to illustrate each of the 7 redemptive gifts, bringing fresh hope and inspiration to to each and every one. Well worth watching!

Gotta have the right seed!

These are certainly not the kind of sermons you'll hear on a normal Sunday morning. If you're here, you're looking to go deep.

In this stream, Arthur plucks stories from scripture to show how G-d does Mercy season harvest. The breakdown of right seed and right harvest is modeled and clearly defined and its all crowned by a powerful communion time.

I have never read those stories in the way they are portrayed and will never read them the same. I so appreciate the uniqueness of perspective and am happily challenged to look at my life and take stock of where it is vs where it should be and how to realign. Don't want to miss a thing!

Harvest by Design

This live stream was filled from start to finish with true authenticity, elegant presentation, and very real spiritual impact. I love the Biblical examples of each redemptive gift and their applications for each person’s unique harvest in this Mercy season -- something to ponder and, even more, to use in walking out the pursuit of our design, God’s custom-tailored harvest for each of us.

Along with the teaching, I was especially touched by the laying forth of Jesus in His “un-prettiness”…. the hope given for all who wonder if their harvest has been lost or passed them by… the powerful Scriptures during communion… and as we don’t understand even a fraction of our harvest, yet ask for it in faith, it’s the harvest of intimacy and power according to our individual design!

The flavor of this stream was undramatic, incredibly important, and something has been planted in me that I know will grow through time, for which I’m very grateful. I’ve never even considered how harvest in this season would be customized. I realize now that it’s key, and needs intentionality as well as faith.

I so appreciate this clear, forthright, practical, hope-producing, and targeted transformational message, along with the richness of communion. Thank you.

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A012LAC Defining the Harvest

A012LAC Defining the Harvest

This is an archived video of the twelfth Life After Church event. Cost includes 428 days of access after purchase date.

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