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Spiritual Wormholes

“Back in the day,” if you locked your doors, you could consider yourself “safe.”  Today, modern technology has become stupendously invasive and safety is an illusion.

The devil has also been quite busy trying to find a way to spiritually hack our spirit, soul and body, in order to block us from the life of productivity and peace that we yearn for.

One of the boundary violations we find is wormholes.  We have identified four different types – Death, Sheol, the Abyss and the Deep.  We don’t know how we become vulnerable, but have become pretty good at closing the devouring wormholes and restoring the boundaries God designed for us.

So if you know of someone who is chronically dealing with darkness, emotional turbulence, torment or futility, and other healing and deliverance tools have not worked, it might be worth your time to see if the spiritual, emotional and physical boundaries God designed for you, have been hacked.

AND to repair the boundaries.

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