When Trust is a Trap


Fred has a long-term problem with his beloved F 150.  Four mechanics charged him but could not fix it.  Joe, the mechanic, accurately diagnosed the problem and fixed it – for $75.

Fred becomes Joe’s brand manager on social media.  He celebrates Joe’s skill and his kind, gracious personality.

You take your car to Joe. He messes it up.

Why?  Because you had a different problem than Fred, and Joe did not have the skill to fix YOUR problem, even though he was still a really nice guy.

Take this story and swap out Joe the mechanic, for your pastor, your plumber, your doctor, your IT guy, or . . . your therapist.

Happens to me ALL.  THE.  TIME.  I help Fred with the victim spirit critter on his left shoulder. He is transformed and sends me ten people who have problems that are totally beyond my pay grade.

They trust me because Fred has high credibility in their eyes.  But no amount of trust in me makes me competent.  I have skill where I have skill and the fact that you project onto me vast amounts of competence, where I don’t have it, does not change reality.

This video wrestles with that gnarly reality.