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The Power of Lilith

The mythology of Lilith is quite flamboyant. The basic reality is that “Lilith” is a class of demons dedicated to sabotaging womanhood. They are willing to play the entire field from misogyny to Jezebel. Anything and everything that will distort the proper role of women, individually and in community, is at their disposal.

Deliverance alone will not solve the problem. It needs to be followed by healing work, of course. But the healing of a woman’s identity and her legitimacy can rarely be done while Lilith is distorting perception.

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Sapphire Search Engine

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The Sapphire Blessings App

The app is a library of short, focused tools for deliverance and inner healing. It is fully indexed through the search engine. There are currently over 500 topics covered. The cost is $3.99 a month and is available in Android and IOS.

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Intro to Free Audio

About 90% of all the material on our website is available for free, to you and your clients.

The Free Audio section includes the mp3 file Blessing Your Spirit: Precious Daughter. For those who have never had a father’s blessing, this album brings some solace and dignity.