Trailblazer or Heretic


Every generation, theological innovators appear on the scene.

Some are martyred and then celebrated two centuries later.

Other attract huge followings only to be labeled as cult leaders two centuries later.

We are currently in a spiritual season that invites massive exploration of new concepts.  Never has the Body of Christ been so wealthy with spiritual insight, strategies and organizational constructs.

And, predictably, the spiritual landscape is over-populated with sincere error and skilled fraud.

How do you measure the new ideas that flood the religious marketplace these days?

The Keepers of the Ancient Way will continue to wage (un)holy war against the innovators.

And the people whose Christianity does not work for them, will continue to feed the egos and pocketbooks of those who claim to have found a new and better way.

Against that backdrop, we are releasing an old teaching (with cleaned up audio and a new name) that provides four metrics for testing the new.  If the teacher and the teaching align with all four of these metrics, it is reasonably safe to look at.

And if they do not, you might want to wait a decade or two to see what the fruit really is!


Click on the link below to download the audio clip.  You will be prompted to save the zipped file on your computer.  Once you have saved and unzipped the file you may play it in a media player or burn it to a CD.


Trailblazer or Heretic Audio