Prophet Blessing #4: A Suitable Playing Field

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Beloved, I call your spirit to attention, and I invite the Prophet portion to come explore God’s gifts to you.

Prophet, imagine for a moment being surrounded by excellence bordering on perfection. Choose your picture. How about watching a state dinner at Buckingham Palace with a small army of servers trained to a hard edge as only the British can train them.

Or possibly you are in the command and control room during a space shuttle launch with the myriad systems and backup systems that only Americans can contrive with our technological obsessions.

Or perhaps you are wandering through the assembly line of a Mercedes Benz plant marveling at the unparalleled precision engineering that the Germans have mastered.

Do you feel at home in any of those pictures? Probably not. Because while you love the excellence that has been achieved before you got there, you were made for the process.

To put it in other terms, you were made to defeat something, tear something down or to build something up. And lacking one of those three contexts, you cannot be fully yourself.

And this, Beloved Prophet, brings us to yet another of God’s magnificent gifts to you: A complex playing field that fits your uncommon design.

So if you are an ideological warrior, God will craft a playing field for you with an abundance of paradigms that should have become extinct with the dinosaurs.

If you are uncommonly creative, He will save just for you a section of the human social landscape more barren than the moon.

If you are a Prophet with a breaking anointing, there is some extraordinarily hard ground which has your name all over it.

And if you are a building Prophet, God will save for you some of the worst chaos so your skill can shine uncommonly well.

If you are a light, then deep darkness is for you.

If seeing beyond the horizon is how you portray the God you resemble, then anticipate a crowd, milling around in the smog of small mindedness.

Prophet, today you may be in a place which does not resemble at all what you KNOW you are called to do. You may be absolutely unable to walk out any of your gifting, and you may have been in that place for a very long time.

Take courage, Prophet, take courage!

God is the master of contexts and, in the right season, He will match your design with a perfect problem IF you are abundantly ready.

So for now, GROW!

Grow big even though you are already ten times larger than any opportunity you have seen around you so far. Grow to the fullest extent of your identity, believing God for the playing field to match in His time.

Elijah was already larger than life when he came on the scene in Israel. But God benched him for three years so God could further unpack his identity. Then, in the fullness of time, God created the magnificent playing field of Mount Carmel which perfectly suited Elijah’s design.

Ezekiel was commissioned by God to have a forehead harder than flint. Then God assigned him a prodigiously hardheaded people who were in unspeakable denial, and God told him to butt heads AND WIN.

So who are you Prophet? Whatever your answer is, know this one thing for sure. Your extravagant, wise, powerful Father is well out ahead of you and there WILL be a gloriously messy playing field that matches your skill set perfectly if you are ready on time.

The Body of Christ is replete with dysfunction, and we eagerly await the Prophets whose identity matches each area of dysfunction.

We bless you, Prophet, with the tenacity to unpack your identity and the patience to wait for God’s season. We are on tiptoes with expectation, wondering which of our messes will be soon graced by your much needed competence.

Welcome in our midst, Prophet. You are most welcome among us. We bless you in the name of our King, Jesus Christ.

At home
Fullerton, CA
September 20, 2008

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