Prophet Blessing #2: Validation of Your Immensity

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Beloved, I call your spirit to attention, and I invite the Prophet portion to come explore God’s gifts to you.

Prophet, one of God’s greatest gifts to you is His personal validation of your immensity. Do you often feel as though no one understands who you really are? They probably don’t! Imagine a championship football player watching a championship chess match. While the athlete may be able to tell who is winning, he generally has no way of understanding the brilliance and complexity of the strategy executed by the chess player.

So you are quite right when you insist that no one understands you, and they especially don’t even begin to understand the immensity of the fire God has placed inside you, which is not yet reflected in your circumstances.

But it is there!

Only God can validate your immensity, and He does it through what He shows you. Your understanding and embracing what no one else can understand or embrace is the proof that you are indeed that big.

Come with me to God’s first encounter with Ezekiel. On the surface, he was simply another priest forcibly taken to Babylon. We know he was not destitute, since he had his own house, but there was nothing external that demonstrated greatness. He could not even walk out his priestly duties since the Temple was destroyed.

BUT . . . inside Ezekiel was immense and God knew it.

So God came to Him with an immense revelation of Himself that paralleled Ezekiel’s immensity.

There was a whirlwind, lightening, wheels within wheels with eyes all around, living creatures with four heads and six wings, complex spontaneous synchronization, a crystal pavement, a sapphire throne and, finally, God Himself upon the throne!

This is the most intense, complex revelation of God on earth in all of Scripture, and it was given to Ezekiel. Later the most detailed expression of restored worship was also given to the same man.

Why him?

God gave Ezekiel revelations of that size because God knew he could receive them and savor them deeply. God gave him those revelations in part to validate that Ezekiel was larger than life, even though the world around him did not see him that way.

Prophet, do you feel as though people measure you by your visible qualities, instead of your true inner nature?

They probably do.

So what?

God did not design you to be validated by man, but by Him.

Now ponder this! What has God shown you from His heart? Has He shown you things so large that you cannot share them with those around you? Has He shown you things that are too large for you to implement in your life time?

Why did He do that?

He showed you things that are as big as you are. He Himself has confirmed to you how large you are by the things He showed you that you rejoice to observe.

So Prophet, shake off the frustration of people not recognizing who you are. Father has given you a priceless gift by validating your immensity through the things He has shown you.

Set aside some time to review what Father has shown you not from the point of view of tasks you need to do but as a mechanism to see who He says you are.

I bless you, Prophet, with feeling utterly validated by God Himself who knows to the biggest degree precisely who you are.

We, the Body of Christ, declare that there is room for God’s big people in our midst, even if we cannot understand the nature and the fragrance of the immensity God has placed in you.

We bless you, Prophet, and we will rejoice to see you walking in the dignity that comes from having received God’s personal validation. So go quickly and drink deeply from the wealth of revelations God has already given you.

Then return and walk nobly in our midst with the confidence that comes from having received ultimate validation – the pleasure of God recognizing His own nature in you.

Welcome in our midst, Prophet. You are most welcome among us. We bless you in the name of our King, Jesus Christ.

At home
Fullerton, CA
September 20, 2008

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