Prophet Blessing #12: A Right Foundation

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Beloved, I call your spirit to attention, and I invite the Prophet portion to come explore how God has designed you to enhance and empower the world in your very own way.

There is a great gift that your tribe was designed to give to us that you cannot give in full quite yet. That is the gift of laying a right foundation for a new enterprise.

Prophet, you are a fixer and a builder. This is a strength that the world generally does recognize. You are often called into big messes because you do not flinch from them. In fact you are energized by the opportunity to bring your vast resources to bear on such a problem.

However, in most cases, the excitement is quickly quenched by those around you who try their best to get you to fix the surface problem and to ignore the root issues.

However, you were designed to get the foundation right. You know that whether it is a building, a relationship or an ideology, if the root is wrong, it has to skew the fruit. Therefore, when there is a problem with the fruit, you look swiftly for the root issue and move toward it, only to be blocked by others who simply want a surface fix.

This is one of the most pervasive and repetitive conflicts you face with your community. You KNOW that it is well worth the price and the pain to fix the root issue. They BELIEVE that it is too expensive and painful to address the root problem, therefore they ask you to simply do a surface fix.

And this absolutely violates the way God has designed you. It offends you at the core of your being to be asked to ignore the root, because you were designed to give the world the gift of a right foundation. You have little interest in just relieving the pain of the moment in such a way that allows it to return.

Rather you crave the opportunity to set people free from the recurring cycles of pain and disruption caused by their foolish surface fixes. You have a vastly superior gift to give. You have reasoned and pleaded and appealed time after time, only to be spurned as a trouble maker by those who do not and cannot recognize the gift of God in you.

Many from your tribe have become restless wanderers moving from community to community without being accepted. You have eyes to see the dysfunction that has been denied for years. You ache over the pain that is absorbed by the wounded and wounding community. You see in days what the community has not been able to figure out in years about the root issue.

But when you approach leadership with your prescription of hope and healing, you are rebuffed as a rebel, a trouble maker, one who disturbs the peace. So, sadly, you take your pain and move down the road, leaving them to their pain which you could have resolved for them.

Our culture is predisposed to sustain dysfunction. We have myriad deceptions and compensations that allow us to muddle on with crooked fruit from flawed foundations. Other than entrepreneurs, few Prophets have much freedom to start from the foundation and do it right.

But you must not deny your design. You simply must not allow yourself to be co-opted into delivering the surface fixes that the culture demands from you. Even if you are only allowed to identify root problems and lay a right foundation in your mind, keep on doing it every chance you get.

You see, this world you live in is only the first of three rounds for you here on earth. During the Tribulation, the functional and dysfunctional parts of this global village will alike be pounded into unrecognizable oblivion. During the Millennial Kingdom you will participate in an unparalleled rebuilding of planet earth. This will be your opportunity to shine as you make right things that have been inaccessible to your noble tribe from the time the devil first twisted Eve’s world view.

But even that is not the best. Your finest hour is yet to come, Prophet. After the ignominious end of this weary globe, The Great Creator King will provide a new heaven and a new earth for His righteous ones.

It is then that you will come into your finest hour. It is then that you will have the incomparable canvas your tribe has deserved for all of human history. It is then that you will have unlimited resources once again and no warping from the past to block you. It is then that the full glory of the Prophet tribe will be seen by a world that has too often shunned your righteous treasure and spurned you as well.

So Prophet, we ask your forgiveness for assaulting your essence by forbidding you access to our warped foundations. We ask your forgiveness for our craven approach to life’s problems.

With humility we welcome you into our midst, Prophet. While your best work lies ahead, we welcome you into our current problems and release you to be fully you! While we will cringe as our foundations are corrected, we commit nonetheless to bless you in the name of our King, Jesus Christ.

Centrum B & B
Leiden, Netherlands
October 15, 2008

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