Prophet Blessing #1: A View of God's Reality

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Beloved, I call your spirit to attention, and I invite the Prophet portion to come explore God’s gifts to you.

Prophet, the first day of creation contains vast truths about your intrinsic design. Come with me as we stand together and watch history begin.

The playing field for discovering your essence is a place described as formless, empty, dark and deep. Besides the fact that this space is utterly uninviting, there is a complete lack of building blocks evident.

Think about it. Suppose you were given a truck load of formlessness, a freight train of emptiness, a century of darkness and an immeasurable amount of deepness, and you are instructed to build a masterpiece.

What would you build with those resources?

Ah, but this is the majesty of your essence, Prophet, because you DON’T use those resources to build. They are merely the playing field.

Watch closely as the Creator God gives you your first lesson in how to walk out your identity.

First of all He comes into the formless, empty, dark and deep. He is utterly unmoved, unintimidated and unscathed by the sterile, hostile environment.

And this is the first gift of Himself to you. You, Prophet, were designed by Him to move toward devastation and to find your finest hour in barren chaos.

I bless you, Prophet, with receiving the full measure of the nature of God which causes you to move toward the unspeakable, instead of seeking comfort and abundance.

Then God moved with the power and grace of an eagle through this place where there was no form, no direction, no passage way. Eagles don’t need anyone to make a way for them through any space or any storm.

This is God’s second gift of Himself to you, Prophet. You were designed to move boldly with power where there is no way and only obstructions – where no one has gone before, and many say no one can go.

I bless you to move with grace and power through uncharted deep darkness because you are designed to do so by God.

Finally, God drew from the infinite resources of His own creativity to envision a world that was not. The building blocks for this new world came from His own nature, not from the formless emptiness He looked at.

In that amazing moment when time and space began, He spoke what He had seen in His mind, and it became reality.

This is God’s third major gift to you, Prophet. The building blocks for what you will do in life exist in His mind, not in the world around you. From the abundance of His nature, God has filled you with the ability to see His realities in places where they have never been seen before.

THIS is your essence – drawn from His essence. You are made to see His realities when no one else can.

I bless you, Prophet, with the exquisite joy of seeing God’s reality and speaking it into a world that does not know it, as the first step in the Body of Christ making it reality. Prophet, you are extravagantly wealthy, and it is right that you be so. As the first of the seven redemptive gifts, you reflect the God who made you from His light. You are drawn to the formless, empty dark places in this world. You move purposefully where there is no passage. And you see through the eyes of God what should be, but is not yet.

Then you speak, and the process of God invading deep darkness begins all over again through you.

This is good, Prophet.

We, the people of God, celebrate that He made you, and that He graced you with such great gifts. We need you. We make room for your power and purposefulness to be lived out in our deep places.

We bless you and your treasures Prophet! May you thrive in our midst and find enough empty formless places to manifest the immensity of the gift of God in you. Welcome in our midst, Prophet. You are most welcome among us. We bless you in the name of our King, Jesus Christ.

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Fullerton, CA
September 20, 2008

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