Principles for Growth


Some growth takes place without conscious thought or investment.  The typical two year old grows two inches in a year without thinking about it.  He eats for comfort, not for strategic growth.  He is not dreaming of the NBA and carefully monitoring the blend of carbs and protein, high glycemic foods, organic, processed, mineral content.

He eats for comfort.  Growth happens.  A slick system.

It is also a non-sustainable system.  Watching Netflix and playing video games for comfort, is not going to cause Algebra 2 to become embedded in his brain, or teach him problem solving for the marketplace to make him highly employable.

Some growth, you have to work for.  Just sayin’.

Same for spiritual growth.

You get saved and something called “regeneration” automatically begins and stuff happens inside, without any strategy from you.

And then, your spiritual development kind of grinds to a halt until you invest some sweat equity and skilled strategy into the journey.

This section is about growth strategies.  It is not a one size fits all set of rules for life.  Rather it is more like a hardware store where you can buy a paint brush or a saw, depending on what you are working on any given day.

Articles will be added here randomly over time.