Life Giving 8: His World or Mine?

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Kirsten works as a checker at Home Depot. I have ended up at his register three times lately, so we recognize each other.

The guys ahead of me were quite the mismatch. Kirsten is very blond, short, barrel chested. He looks 12 but is probably 20. His tats and piercings belie his Mercy gifting.

The dudes ahead of me were dark skinned, tall, big boned and were obviously intense body builders. Either of them could have bench pressed Kirsten with one hand and me with the other.

They run a car detailing business and were trying to sell him on using their services. He inquired about their skills with carpet and upholstery cleaning. They assured him they were excellent.

When my turn came, I celebrated the fact that the guys were hustling for business. I was excited to watch it. It angers me that in the midst of a so called recession I still can’t get decent customer service most of the time. Aren’t people ever going to get hungry enough to start offering good, old fashioned SERVICE any more?

He humored me, then talked about how he could sell his classic Pontiac if he could just get the carpet and seats to look better.

I groaned inside. I had missed a life giving opportunity. He didn’t care about my angst. He was in his own world. Would it really have been so hard for me to ask him about HIS car first?

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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