Life Giving 7: Level the Playing Field

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There is an electrician who parks on the side street by our offices. That says to me that he does not have an office (or staff) and not too much work either since the truck is there more than it is gone.

But, at the end of the day, he is one of us – an entrepreneur doing what he can to make ends meet! Ya gotta like him.

Tuesday was a formal day at the office. My comfy jeans and golf shirt gave way to long sleeves and a power tie. As I was driving away, I saw the electrician for the first time so I pulled over.

Bob’s gray hair was mostly covered by a Marine Corp hat. He looked up from working on his Gold Wing when I stopped. I gave him a card and asked if he could call me to do some work.

Wednesday he called but I was not available when he wanted to come. He was clearly flustered. I think my tie from the day before said to him I was a hard-driving, demanding type.

I told him this job had been on my “Urgent To Do” list for two years, so another day wouldn’t matter much. He laughed and said he had some of those jobs too. You could tell he relaxed a lot.

He was looking up to me. That is not wrong. I stepped down to his level. That was life giving to him.

It wasn’t hard. A simple comment made us peers with a common unbeatable foe. Life giving is not hard. You just have to be quick on your toes.

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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