Life Giving 6: Where Are They Going?

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Frank is our morning UPS driver. He has personally delivered hundreds of thousands of blank CDs that eventually arrive in your hands (no longer blank). He is a huge dude, always jovial, always in a hurry, always a joy to greet for ten to fifteen seconds.

The last couple of weeks a really skinny, sad driver has been wrestling our boxes off the truck. Today I asked what her name was and whether she was our new regular driver.

Alexis assured me she was only vacation relief. Since she did not seem to be in a hurry, like Frank, I asked if she was in line for her own route any time soon. I know that is a really big milestone for UPS drivers. She lit up as she shared that she didn’t like this job but had applied for a law enforcement slot with the LAPD.

She was hopeful.

We daily see people in a snapshot – a now moment. But that is not all they are. Each person has a future which they care about A LOT. Rarely do others care about their future as much as they do.

Creating a safe space for them to share their dream is a very simple, easy way to be emotionally life giving to someone.

I am still enjoying the gentle smile on her face as she drove away savoring a new job that would fit her so much better.

It didn’t cost me much at all to put that smile there.

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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