Life Giving 4: Simple Just Got Complicated

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Pearlann is fiercely intentional about life. Just to be sure she is not missing anything, she engaged a superlative life coach to keep her sharp.

When she turned 75, she decided that her playing field was too small. Since she has a spirit of sonship, she is accustomed to finding opportunities, not barriers.

A quick look around her world revealed that her husband went to the library every Wednesday to play dominoes. She invited herself along and found someone sitting there who could use a friend, and life giving promptly flowed.

Then her husband’s schedule changed. Pearlann had not driven for years because of some minor health problems (which she is attacking in a fiercely intentional manner).

She got on her computer and discovered that people her age most often get in accidents while turning left so she found a route that is all right hand turns coming and going. She now drives herself to the library where she is a fiercely intentional life giver, mostly through listening.

If you try to be a life giver, you are sure to run into unexpected costs. If you are a hard core life giver, you will find a way to keep on giving. If it was just a hobby, you will have your perfect justification for not doing it any more. (Provided, however, you never have to look Pearlann in the eye and tell her your excuse).

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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