Life Giving 25: Mysterious Silence

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Some friends of mine have been through a rough patch in their neighborhood. Earlier this year, there had been some stellar victories, but lately, nature has been both assaulted and assaultive.

Just this week things shifted. The harsh weather broke. The spiritual oppression lifted. But most special of all was the appearance of a breeding pair of King Parrots in their backyard.

They took that as a comforting sign from the Lord that the harsh season was over.

Silence in a relationship is often a troublesome thing. You don’t know whether the other person is preoccupied with their own stuff, or whether they are mad at you.

You wonder whether you should give them space, or whether you should initiate and ask if things are OK between you.

So here is a life giving project. Who wonders how things are between you and them? There are some people who only expect a Christmas or birthday card once a year so your long silence is no issue. There are others who once had an active dialog with you but they got busy and drifted away and are happily at peace.

But what about the individual who does not feel completely solid in their relationship with you? Who wonders whether they have offended you, but they are afraid to ask?

A simple e-mail to them, lightly sharing some small facet of your life can be life giving, as you reassure them that all is well.

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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