Life Giving 24: Finding the Need

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It was Thanksgiving at the Burks as our families came together from four states for the event.

Properly translated that means we had 20 highly competent, committed life givers all in the same house for two days.

The scenarios were highly varied, but utterly predictable. There were sundry offers to help in the kitchen, all of which were declined by the highly competent, life giving crew.

There were sundry offers to run to the store to pick up one last item that might be helpful to someone, all of which were declined by the highly independent tribe.

In the midst of that habitual life giving (also called habitual self-sufficiency, with a twist of independent spirit) that produced a resistance to receiving, Desiree scored a knock out.

Roland was our host, and he was doing everything he could to be supremely life giving to all the out of town people. BUT he had to leave on Sunday for his out of town assignment, and he knew his wife would really rather debrief in person than over the phone.

This was not publicly discussed, but Desiree read the signs and even though this was not her city, she offered to take Tim and Shelly to the airport in the evening so Roland and Stephanie could have a date.

He accepted. Go Desiree. 100 attempts to be life giving failed, but she found the most important need and met it. Awesome.

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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