Life Giving 21: Who Do You Believe In?

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Sapphire is blessed to have an amazing array of specialists in our midst. One of the groups I especially treasure is all our special ed teachers.

I am in awe of their capacity for love. I have worked long and hard for decades to love more, and to be able to love the unlovely, especially the ones who hurt me. I’m not where I want to be yet. So I watch these teachers get punched, bitten, shoved and reviled by their more challenging students, and they still love back. Amazing.

In the midst of all the extraordinary skill sets they bring to the classroom, there is one which is more life giving than most of the rest. It is believing in a child who does not believe in himself and who has people who actively believe he can’t, won’t, shouldn’t …

One teacher was sent an older child for special tutoring. The paperwork said he had difficulties with math. The special ed teacher carefully tested a broad array of skills and found him quite at par.

In the discussion that followed, the student admitted that he could do all the work, but didn’t because the classroom teacher didn’t believe in him. It was obvious to him that the special ed teacher believed in him, and because she did, he was willing to work hard. He ASKED her to set the bar high so he could prove to her that he could perform the tasks.

So who do you believe has the ability to reach deep and accomplish much? Have you told them? It isn’t just special needs kids who live a bigger life when someone believes in them.

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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