Life Giving 20: Permission to Celebrate

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Few things are less deflating than being excited about something and having someone begin telling you why it’s a bad idea. Although the initial idea may sometimes be a bit weak, with time it could develop into something quite beautiful and important.

In our extended family there is often some teasing among the dreamers and the dream crushers. Although the teasing is meant in fun, I wonder what things are not birthed because encouragement is not received.

Celebrating falls into the dreaming category for some, mostly because not much of it takes place beyond the predictable holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and such.

Take time to give someone encouragement to celebrate a spiritual victory, a successfully broken habit or a difficult assignment completed. Listen attentively when they make their first half-hearted rumblings about what their celebration might look like and then help nurture those ideas.

What a difference you can make by listening, validating and participating in their plan. Invest in the process and celebrate wildly with them. Help them reject those feelings that they might be about to do something silly or foolish by wasting time and resources. When you get involved and show excitement you are giving them permission to celebrate. It might be a gift they have never received.

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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