Life Giving 2: A Fair Partnership

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A stranger called me the other day. She introduced herself as Diane and shared her vision for her community.

It was a pretty familiar conversation. She had tried this and that and nothing so far had worked. She understood the current woundedness of her community and had guessed at its redemptive gift. When I pressed her for historical data, she had mostly social stereotypes instead.

It was a common story – zeal without effective strategy. Usually these conversations go nowhere.

However, Diane was different. She asked what I needed her to do so she could definitively determine the gift of the community. I gave her some very labor intensive steps to take and invited her to get back to me when she had done those things.

And you know what? She actually did them. Most people just fade away when I will not do the research for them.

Doing community is essential for the Kingdom. There is more power released by teamwork than we can access alone. However, that synergistic release of power in a community only happens when all the teammates pull their weight.

Have you ever thought about your being life giving to the King? When we form community and everyone is a life giver, it releases the treasures He placed in us for the good of the Kingdom work He called us to do. He loves that.

Well done, Diane.

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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