Life Giving 18: That's My Daughter!

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Desiree is an artist with her camera. We went to a rodeo recently and she burned through a few gigabytes taking action pictures. She got the regulation bucking broncos, bull riders, barrel racers and rodeo clowns, but she talked the most about the three to six year olds riding sheep.

Within days her best shots appeared on her blog. As per most blogs, there is space below each portfolio of pictures to comment. As per most blogs, few people read them and fewer people take the time to comment on the blogs.

She had labeled this set “Norco Rodeo” and the mother of one of the munchkins found the pictures and wrote excitedly on the blog that this cutie was HER five year old daughter who wants to grow up to be a bull rider.

That blog entry was made 14 days ago, during which time Desiree and I have not talked - but she has lived a full life. She went to Washington, fired her boss, tried to find a blind date for her bachelor uncle and in general lived life in the California fast lane.

But when we talked last night, the thing she was most excited about from the last two weeks was that someone had actually written in her blog. That mom’s life giving comment made her day.

Know any artists? Take a minute today to celebrate their skill. Few do. I’ve watched 1,000 people walk by an artist in a subway without even visually acknowledging them. It’s not hard to be life giving to an artist. They are usually starving for affirmation.

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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