Life Giving 16: A Prayer Shower

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I love watching a woman plan a baby or wedding shower for someone she loves. There are colors and textures of life giving that flow in that context that you don’t see at other times.

The same is true of prayer showers. They draw something unusual from the one who organizes it. Here is a fun recipe.

1. Find someone you love who could use a big boost.

2. Gather 12 to 24 friends who know how to pray.

3. Schedule one person each hour on a specific day or night, so there is unbroken prayer for 12 to 24 hours.

4. Then do it - without telling the person you are blessing.

Compare notes afterwards so you can celebrate the things God gave you to pray for your friend.

Watch with pleasure as your prayers are answered in your friend’s life, while he or she has no idea that there was such a focused prayer assault in the heavens on their behalf.

For extra sparkle, focus on just a couple of issues, instead of spraying prayers on everything in their lives.

For really long term impact, pray for root issues in the spirit rather than felt needs for the soul. For example, ask God to reveal every lie they believe, or to unpack their spiritual treasures, or to turbo charge their spiritual appetite, or to unlock Scripture, or to …

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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