Life Giving 13: Using Space

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Have you ever been in a grocery store when someone is having a decision making crisis while they left their shopping cart smack dab in the middle of the aisle so no one can get by?

What’s more, the indecisive person is so wrapped up in the immensity of buying 8 ounces of frozen broccoli vs. 12 that they are oblivious to the people waiting to get by.

We can be life giving by not taking up space inappropriately. That means parking in the middle of the stall, not so far to one side the person next to you can’t get in their door.

It means being sensitive to traffic around you and pulling up a little closer to the car ahead of you at a red light if the cars behind you are partially blocking an intersection.

It means lifting the lid of the empty trash dumpster to put your trash in, instead of just piling it on top of the overflowing dumpster.

It means not standing in the aisle after church with a cluster of your friends, blocking everyone else who is ready to go.

It means putting things in their proper place in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry area and everywhere else there is shared space.

Trivia? Yep. But if you have ever traveled briefly with someone who has no sensitivity to anyone else’s space, you know how painful it is. While you may never be acknowledged for respecting space, it is life giving to fit well in the shared space around you.

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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