Life Giving 10: A Big Vision for Life Giving

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Andrew owns “Good African”, a company designed to export fine Ugandan coffee to the West.

On paper, it is an ordinary for-profit company. In reality, it is a vehicle to be life giving to a nation. Andrew’s war cry is “Africa needs trade, not aid.”

He understands that foreign aid breeds corruption in government, as well as dependence and loss of dignity among the recipients.

Their company teaches the local farmers how to farm better. Then they buy the coffee beans at a fair price, roast, grind and package it locally giving employment to even more people in their factory.

When they sell it overseas and make a profit, they invest 50% of their profit back into the rural communities of the farmers.

But Andrew doesn't just throw money at grass roots problems. They sit on the leadership councils of local life giving agencies in order to share wisdom and perspective with the budding social entrepreneurs of their nation.

They even personally go to the orphanages and spend time learning the names of the staff and of the orphans and giving them hugs, love and dignity.

Giving people an opportunity to help themselves is a priceless way to be life giving. Dignity is a scarce commodity.

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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